Hotels in Albania

Albania has always attracted tourists for its scenic beauty and for its pollution free atmosphere. If you want to enjoy your stay in Albania it is important to know some of the hotels in Albania. There are many hotels in different cities of Albania, right from luxury hotels to budget hotels. Few of them are mentioned below.

Hotels in Tirana

  1. Hotel Baron

Hotel Baron is one of the hotels in Albania where you can enjoy yourself and relax. It is located in a peaceful location outside the city but you can reach the main square and other attractions by brisk walking. The in-house services are excellent with clean, spacious air-conditioned rooms. The people are friendly and services are prompt. The average rates of rooms per night are $ 47. The room prices may vary from time to time.

  1. Tirana International Hotel and Conference Centre

Trina International Hotel is quite impressive from outside. The hotel provides you with all the basic amenities right from internet to intercom facility. The furniture is European. Pick up and drop in facility is provided by the hotel and there is a mini bar but the price is expensive as compared to Albania standards. The average rate of rooms per night is$ 140. The room rates are approximate and are subject to change.

  1. Hotel Stela

If you are looking for an economy hotel, then Hotel Stela is the right place for you in Albania. The house staff is good and you can enjoy all state of the art facility. Elevator is not available as it is a two storied hotel. You can enjoy the breakfast provided by the hotel and dining facility is also available. Location wise it is situated a block away from the Skanderbeg Palace. Hotel Stela is a three star hotel with friendly in-house staff and housekeepers. The room rent is $ 84 per night. It is advisable to check the prices before you decide upon this hotel as they change depending on the time of your visit.

Hotels in Berat

  1. Castle Park

Among the hotels in Albania, Castle Park is another modern hotel, which can be reached best by car. All modern facilities are available and you can enjoy your food in the in-house restaurant or by sitting on the terrace. Rooms in this hotel resemble small chalets. Another beautiful aspect is, it is located among pine trees which give you a cozy feeling. The room rent is $ 46 per night. Do find out the updated room rents before you book it.

  1. Hotel Mangalemi

This hotel has an old world charm and is a kind of heritage hotel. You can enjoy all facilities which include laundry, internet, and dining facilities. The hotel staff is friendly and services are prompt.

Beach hotels in Albania

Beach hotels in Albania, as the name suggest are hotels that are available near the sea and also near lake shores. A few of them are mentioned below.

  1. Sirena
  2. Dolce Vita
  3. Pavarsia
  4. Perla
  5. Enkelana

Booking Hotels in Albania

You can book hotels of your choice in Albania either by internet or with the help of various travel agents that are there in different cities. You can book the room of your choice, sitting at your house via internet and you can pay with credit cards. If you are booking with the help of travel agents, they will give you the details regarding the different prices available in various hotels in and around Albania. They can also help you to find the appropriate hotel, depending on your budget.