Nightlife in Albania

If you have the habit of running amok with the �wee willie winkies� at the wee hours of the night, then you are going to enjoy your stay in Albania. There is so much to see and explore. Be it entertainment in terms of music, pubs, food and travel then nightlife in Albania offers you all and many more. As you travel, you can discover several cafes, clubs and bars all over the place. They offer you a blend of delicious food, cozy ambiance and good crowd. The best places within the country are Tirane and resorts in Albania. The tourist offices here publish a monthly as well as an annual record of events and parties.

Nightclubs in Albania

The nightclubs in Tirana remain open for the visitors till late in the night. The music that is played caters to the choices if the crowd. There is a live music concert, especially during the weekends. If you travel outside Tirana, nightclubs of this type are rare. You can expect music and dance in the big hotels. This happens in the summer months near the coastal towns.

This apart there are other activities that you can indulge in. You can visit Millennium, a local cinema chain that has branches spread out all over the town. They mostly screen Hollywood blockbusters along with Albanian subtitles. Albanian residents have high tastes in classical music. You can spot concerts, ballet and opera shows round the year in Tirana.

Best Night Hangouts in Albania

Let us browse over the places that you can visit in your trip to this country. We have listed the popular ones for you.

Oxygen Beach bar

This is the best that Pogradec has to offer and the place is open 24/7. The bar is located on a beach and you can experience the cool breezes from the nearby Ohrid Lake. The bar provides you with new age music, live bands, a private beach and a wide selection of cocktails. With its vibrant ambiance, smell of the coffee beans in the morning, soothing tracks that are played, the place spells of thrill and excitement to the best. If you are visiting the place in the evening then be a part of the �one-of-the-kind� parties.

Mango Beach

This is rated as the five star summer club in Albania. Known as one of the popular music bars, it is located 2km south of Saranda. The music played varies from disco, latin and house music.

Other night haunts in Albania that you can visit are:-

  • Livingroom
  • Tanny's Bar
  • The Bar at the Fountain
These places are ideal if you are with your group of friends and want to have a relaxing evening. At the same time you can hop in to these clubs at night after a movie and grab a bite of the sandwiches and other snacks that are on offer. On weekends sometimes there is a special menu available at attractive price range.