Restaurants in Albania

Traveling to various places of interests is incomplete without some good food. There are various types of restaurants in Albania where you can enjoy different culinary delights. A few such restaurants are given below.

The mouthwatering delicacies of Albania have the perfect flavor of Turkish, Greek, and Italian cuisines. The Albanians tradition is to have scrumptious lunch that may consist of gjelle, which is their main dish. Gjelle is recipe of meat cooked in very low flame. It is generally served with fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and olives. Salad is an integral past of Albanian cuisine. Tossed with olive oil, vinegar, and salt, Salad is served with every meal. Sea food recipes are extremely popular in the coastal rgions.


Vinum is a five star restaurant in Albania where you can enjoy different types of food. The place serves food of international quality. Vinum is located in an old villain the heart of the city. Prices are bit higher and you can enjoy the food sitting outside in the garden.


The food quality is good and also it is located in a convenient location. It is a huge crowd puller.


Era is one of the restaurants in Albania that serves Italian and Albanian food. The food quantity and quality is excellent. It is lot more modern and the prices are within your range.


Aragosta is another restaurant in Albania that serves Italian cuisine to the visitors. One can enjoy Italian cuisine in Albania here. You can enjoy your food sitting under the open sky.

Restaurant Laguna Park

If you want to enjoy Albanian food then Restaurant Laguna Park should be your favorite choice. You can enjoy all kinds of local cuisines and the prices are within your reach.

Saint Tropez

There are many restaurants in Albania but Saint Tropez is such a restaurant which is situated on water. You can not only enjoy good food but the ambience is also worth mentioning. The dining area and bar is situated in different areas. A variety of sea food and pizzas are available which are pretty cheap.

Apart from the above mentioned restaurants a few other restaurants in Albania are mentioned below.

  1. Puka Touristic Hotel
  2. Grand Hotel Leone
  3. Himare Hotels
  4. Kukes Hotels
  5. Vela Hotel