Shopping in Albania

Shopping is always exciting and your travel is incomplete without shopping. A trip to Albania without shopping is unimaginable. Shopping in Albania is pretty exciting both to local and foreigners who visit Albania. The capital city of Tirana has several shopping malls big and small and they are also present in other cities of Albania.

When you want to shop, the first thing you need to do is to select the right shop and the right place. At times it is difficult to find out the appropriate shop which makes your shopping unplanned and troublesome. In order to make your shopping in Albania easy and enjoyable mentioned below are a few places.

Fashion Shopping in Albania

  1. Oasis
  2. Nino Vitalli
  3. Fuego
  4. Estel
  5. Blue Fly

Shopping Centers in Albania

  1. Sheraton Plaza
  2. Caas Italia
  3. Galeria Mall
  4. Vesa Center
  5. QTU

Super Markets in Albania

  1. Conad
  2. Super Market
  3. Euromax
  4. Kedi

Souvenirs and Gift Shops in Albania

  1. Alba Post Five Senses
  2. Arom Indie
  3. Art Forever

Florists in Albania

  1. Merkom
  2. Garden Joy
  3. Kaktus

Electronics Shop

  1. Molla

Book Stores

  1. Adrian International Books
  2. Friend's Book House
  3. Corona

Apart from the shops mentioned above you can also see a number of street vendors in Albania. You can spot street vendors in most of the streets. The street vendors are good for you if you want to buy some fruits on your way back home and the prices are within your range. Street shopping in Albania is equally interesting as in shopping malls.

In Tepelene, beside the Ali Pasha monument and the hotel you will find a stall where music is played which you cannot miss. Over here you can get tapes and CD's which have a collection of old songs from South Albania. There are a number of shops in coastal Albania which sells figs and olives. You can enjoy olives, sweet corns and dried figs while taking a leisurely walk on the beach. The stuff you get from these vendors is not expensive and you can buy as much as you can.

If you are fond of olive drinks then you can buy some cheap olive drinks which are available near the coast of Saranda, Himare and Vlore. The bottles are sold mainly by local people and the prices are pretty cheap.

Shopping in Albania also includes specialty shops, DIY, art galleries and also shops selling local made items. Prices of goods in supermarkets is generally higher but you can get local goods in the flee markets in much lower prices.