Sightseeing in Albania

A visit to the city is incomplete without sightseeing in Albania. There are lots of activities in which you can indulge in Albania during your stay there. Sightseeing in Albania is a major tourist attraction which includes visit to famous places of interests and also to some places that are a reminiscent of the past. Mentioned below are few places that you can drop in during your tour to Albania.


While sightseeing in Albania you must visit Gjirokastra which is a museum situated in southern Albania. The fortress looks into the Drino valley above the houses that are their in the slopes. The buildings and the streets are made of white and black stones. It has the highest population. Gjirokastra is one of the biggest cities in southern Albania. The name of the city is derived from the tribes that used to inhabit in those parts of Europe.

Cobbled streets of Kruja

Sightseeing in Albania also includes walking through the streets of Kruja. While walking through the streets you can buy some gifts and traditional artifacts that the local people sell. You can also visit the castle and museum that is situated on top of the cobbled streets.

Qafe Thana- Ohrid Lake

As the name suggests, Qafe Thana is situated on the lake shores. You can see a number of restaurants, small hotels and also some beautiful houses that are made. Ohrid and the town of Macedonia can be seen on the other side of the lake. You can enjoy a stroll and enjoy some mouth watering delicacies that the restaurants and the small eateries serve for you.


While sightseeing in Albania you can drop in Elbasan. It has one of the 15th century fortresses which have a museum of ancient artifacts. There is also an Orthodox Church in the city. You must visit the 11th century monastery of Shin Jon where you can find the buried tomb of St. Jovan Vladimir. The monastery is situated 7km away from the city.

Durres Beaches

Beaches are always nice and Durres Beaches are also not an exception. There are many eateries that are lined up in the shore which offers you a number of local food items apart from the leisurely stroll in the beach.

Preza Castle

The sight of the castle situated in Tirana is not impressive at the first glance. It is the location and the history of the Preza Castle that makes it interesting to the people and is an important tourist spot in Albania. The castle has four towers that the visitors can use and it gives you a wonderful view of the surrounding place.

The Grand Park

This is also situated in Tirana and is one of the other attractions in the capital city. The park has a total area of 250 hectares and is full of different kind of plants. Apart from enjoying a long walk the main attraction of the park is the lakes and fountains that are all illuminated.

The National Historic Museum

Sightseeing in Albania will ensure a visit to The National Historic Museum situated in Tirana. A visit to this museum will throw you some light on the Roman, Ottoman, and Greek Norman influence that the country faced.


Pogradec is a town that is situated on Lake Ohrid. The town is yet not developed like Macedonia. It is in this town in Albania where you will find the Orthodox Church.

Transport in Albania

For sightseeing in Albania you can use bus as well as car available by Eurocar. Buses in Albania are very cheap and it is the best way of reaching different places in and around Albania. You can have a look in the countryside while traveling by bus.