Hotels in Andorra

Andorra is a famous tourist attraction. There are many places in and around Andorra which you can visit during your stay. In order to enjoy your vacation it is necessary to know about different hotels in Andorra. You can choose from a different variety of hotels that are available right from budget hotels to luxury hotels.

You can find hotels and accommodation options in various cities including the capital city of Andorra la Vella, Ordino, Encap etc. Mentioned below are few such hotels in Andorra.

Hotels in Andorra la Vella

  1. Andorra Park Hotel

Andorra Park Hotel is one of the luxury hotels in Andorra. This is a five star hotel which was opened in 2006, has all in house facilities that are available in a five star hotel. There is a restaurant present there and it is situated above the parent hotel, Hotel Park.

There are trees lined up on either side of the hotel and orchids are also present. The rooms are large with wide windows and an open balcony. There is ample parking space and wireless internet service is also available. The room rents are US $231 per night, but it is advisable to check the prices before you book a room for yourself.

  1. Silken Eurotel

It is a 3 star hotel that is situated in the main commercial area. This hotel was built in 1991. Silken Eurotel has the standard twin sharing system with 70 rooms in total. It offers you all the basic facilities like heating equipment, television, telephone etc. There is some additional room service that you can avail during your stay here without paying any extra charge like room service, coffee shop, restaurants etc. This hotel is well connected to different resorts too. Room rents are US$ 59, which is comparatively low. But you consider prices of other hotels before checking in.

  1. Andora Center

Andora Center is one of the other hotels in Andorra which is located in the capital city itself. This hotel is within 15 kilometers of the nearest ski resort. It is a hotel with all modern amenities and is situated below the Pyrenees. The interior of the hotel has an Alpine style with wooden structures. There is a spa and indoor pool facility along with internet facility. Another advantage of this hotel is you can avail transport to the ski centers. The approximate room rent is US $ 66 and might change during reservation.

  1. Panorama

Panorama is situated right in Escaldes and is surrounded by mountains. You can enjoy the heated swimming pool in chilly weather and you can also relax in the sauna. If you are a workout freak then you can enjoy working out in the hotel's gym.

You can also avail internet facility. The hotel has its own in house restaurant where you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are guest rooms also with all modern amenities like mini bars, safes, satellite television etc. Room rents are generally US $ 78 which might change at times.

Hotels in Ordino

  1. Husa Centric

Husa Centric is one of the luxury hotels in Andorra which will make your stay enjoyable. You can enjoy drinks from the hotel's bar and the interiors are done with mild colors and wooden furniture of dark tinges. You can order your food from the restaurant or if you want you can avail in-house facilities. Apart from the regular services that of internet, room service etc, you can also get complimentary newspaper. The room rents per night are generally a bit higher than that of US $ 96 but are changeable.

  1. Eureka

Hotel Eureka is situated 200 meters away from the town. It is a five storey hotel with all modern amenities which a guest can avail. The hotel also has restaurants with marble flooring which offers snacks and light meals. You can also enjoy complimentary breakfast. The hotel also offers you help for sightseeing. There are enough parking spaces available. If you want to have some drinks then this is not the right place for you. Prices are generally US $ 68 but are subjected to change.

Hotel in Encamp

  1. Hotel Paris-Encamp

Among various hotels in Andorra, Paris- Encamp is a hotel that is quite prominent. Since the location is good, it is much more popular among tourist. You can enjoy a number of activities like fishing, adventure sports, skiing etc especially during summer. Prices of room per night are US $ 114.98. Even though the room prices are high, there may be a difference in the room rent at time of booking.