Restaurants in Andorra

Travel to Andorra is incomplete if you don't try out the various delicacies that Andorra has to offer to its tourists. There are various restaurants in Andorra which offers traditional dishes and some Pyrenees dishes also. There are also a number of dishes which are a mix of number of delicacies.

The local food products comprising meat and vegetables are used along with imported food items in order to make different kind of delicacies. You can try out a number of dishes in well decorated and cozy restaurants. You can also try out some typical dishes in Andorra. Mentioned below are a few such places.

South American Restaurants in Andorra

If you want to enjoy authentic Mexican dishes then you can drop in at Henry J. Beans. This is the restaurant specializing in American dishes along with Mexican dishes. This is situated in the capital city of Andorra and is a favorite hangout place for tourist.

Mexican Café is another Mexican food joint in Andorra where you can taste typical Mexican cuisines.

Seafood Restaurants in Andorra

Restaurants in Andorra include various seafood restaurants also. A few of them are mentioned below.
  1. El Rusc Restaurant

In El Rusc you can get authentic seafood and fresh water fish preparations. The cuisine in this restaurant is made from the products available in the local markets.

  1. Don Denis Restaurant

This restaurant has a lovely ambience where you can enjoy seafood and other items like local items, tapas etc.

  1. El Gerd Restaurant

This seafood restaurant serves various fish preparations that are bought from the local market. People can enjoy the local fishes that are typical in Andorra.

Restaurants serving European Cuisines

If you want to enjoy European cuisines in Andorra there are few places where you can drop in. European cuisines reflect the heritage of the place. The list is given below.

  1. Chez Jaques
  2. Fontanella Pizzeria
  3. Consul Restaurant
  4. Mama Marai
  5. El Jardi Restaurant
  6. Caliu D'en Josep

If you want to enjoy international cuisine in Andorra then you can drop in at Casa Teresa and La Brasserie. They use products from the local markets, to prepare the mouth watering international dishes which are a must watch.

Local Market Cuisines

If you are looking for fresh food and seasonal food, then you must drop in at the restaurants that specialize in local foods. Few of them are mentioned below.

  1. Can Manel Restaurant
  2. Bunen Rollo Restaurant
  3. Bellipi Restaurant
  4. Plato

Home made food always has a special taste and flavor and is liked by many. Andorra also has such places where you can enjoy home made food. They are:

  1. La Cupula
  2. L' Entrepa Restaurant
  3. Taberna Lizarram

Apart from the ones mentioned above there are few other restaurants in Andorra, where you can enjoy different kinds of food. They are listed below.

  1. El Crosto
  2. Abba Suite
  3. Rapid Pasta
  4. El Carlit
  5. Surf
  6. Don Denis
  7. Merlot

So if you are a real foodie, then Andorra has a lot to offer. You just have to decide what kind of food you want to enjoy during your stay in Andorra and drop in at the restaurant of your choice.