Austrian Cuisines

Austrian cuisines are famous worldwide. It is commonly referred as Viennese cuisine as the capital city of Austria is Vienna, thus being the most happening place of Austria. Austria cuisines are derivation of the cuisines of Austro Hungarian Empire. The cuisines have also been influenced by Czech, Hungary, Italy and also from Bavarian cuisines. So, Austria cuisines are neither transcultural nor multicuisine. Sweets and pastries of Austria cuisines are renowned worldwide. Regional cuisines have evolved in the recent times which focus on the regional produce and also employs modern techniques and methods for its preparation.

Beer is sold in abundance all over Austria and the intake of beer increases during festive times. In some of the places of Austria, beer drinking is compulsory. The popular types of beer which are sold here are wheat beer, pale lager and other varieties too. Red Bull and Almdudler are popular soft drinks.

Wine is cultivated in the eastern region of this country, the principle areas being Lower Austria, Vienna, Styria and Burgenland. Younf wine is quite famous over here, which is produced from grapes. Among other beverages, different styles of coffee are available. Mokka is one of the popular flavor of coffee.

Austria cuisines also include the preparations of snacks, which suits best with the alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Open sandwiches, sliced sausage, bread and mustard sausage, are some of the most sought after items. Bosner or hot dog roll is available at the fast food joints of Austria.
Desserts of Austria cuisines are also unique. Austrias are in love with desserts, along with chocolates and cakes of many varieties, served with almonds and vanila beans. Some of the dessert specialties of Austria are Dobosch torte, Sachertorte, Panama torte and Zwetschkenkuchen. Some other sweet delicacies of Austria are Heisse Schokolade, Marzipan and various type of chocolate confectioners, made by professionals in this field.

The soups of this country are also very delicious and mostly the vegetables dominate in these dishes. They make soups of cabbages, potatoes, pumpkin, cauliflower, garlic and other available vegetables and the preparations are mouth watering. Austrias also love non veg items and they try various preparations of pork and beef, as delicacy items.

The regional Austria cuisines are also gaining popularity. You can also try these dishes which reflect the aroma of Austria. So, do not miss these regional cuisines in your tour to Austria, you would love those.

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