Hotels in Austria

You have planned a trip to Austria and have no idea where to stay? In order to make tour in Austria happy and memorable, a list of hotels is mentioned below. Different hotels in Austria are mentioned below.

Hotels in Innsbruck

  1. Binders Hotel

Among various hotels in Austria, Binders hotel is one such hotel, which is very unimpressive from outside. But once you step inside, you are sure to love the ambience. There is a glass elevator and all state of the art facility is available. Visitors can enjoy wireless internet facility, television sets, mini bars etc. The windows are made up of frosted glass. There are gym, club, swimming pool and all other modern facilities available in the hotel. Room rents are US $ 66, but are subjected to change during booking.

  1. Alp Art Hotel

This hotel offers various kinds of amenities, including spa and different kinds of massages. You can relax and rejuvenate yourself if you avail the spa. Apart from the various facilities that are available, you can enjoy delicious food, drinks and snacks that are available. You can also enjoy Tyrolean cuisine in this restaurant. Guestrooms are there, which are very well decorated, with wooden furniture and soothing upholstery. The guestrooms also have television, internet and all other facilities. The room rents are US$ 106 and are subjected to change.

  1. Hotel Sailer

This hotel is different from all other hotels in Austria. Hotel Sailer has a typical old world charm and was constructed in 1896 and is situated in the heart of Innsbruck. The wooden frame work provides a warm and cozy ambience. A beer garden is also there, where you can enjoy and relax. There are 93 guestrooms, each of different type. Apart from the in-house facilities, drop in and pick up is also provided to its visitors. Room rents are US4 120 and might change.

Hotel in Baden

  1. Hotel Caruso

In this hotel, you can enjoy simple food and ambience. Foods especially local cuisines are available. If you want to relax, away from crowd, this place is suitable for you.

Hotels in Linz

  1. Splitz Hotel

As soon as you enter Splitz Hotel, the well decorated lobby is sure to draw your attention. The wooden flooring is also unique and the lighting is done specially, which are sphere lighting. Here flat screen television and all other modern amenities are provided. This is a five star hotel and the room rent per night is US$ 155, which is pretty high. It is advisable to check the prices, before you decide to stay.

  1. Novotel Linz

Novotel Linz is one of the hotels in Austria, where you can get international cuisines all through the day. It is located, three kilometers away from the main city and has all modern facilities, including a seasonal swimming pool. Parking in this hotel is free. There is also a pool side restaurant, where you can enjoy food and drink. There is an informal bar, where you can enjoy various kinds of liquor. Conference facility is available. Guests can play tennis, in the in-house court and there is also a playground for kids. Room rents are US$ 88 per night and are less as compared to the kind of facility provided.

Hotels in Vienna

  1. Wandl Hotel

Wandl Hotel was established in 1854. It is a family run business and the hospitality is pretty good, due to which it is able to retain its guest. The rooms are pretty and have a cozy look. Designs of furniture are ornamental. The various artifacts are of antique nature and give you a cozy feeling. Room rents are US$115, which might change when you book the rooms.

  1. Hilton Vienna

Among the various hotels in Vienna, Hilton Vienna is the business hotel, which was constructed in 1975. This is a very big hotel which has 15 floors and all facilities are available. The colors of rooms are basically in bright shades. As far as the facilities are concerned, Wi-Fi facility is available along with telephone connection.

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