Nightlife in Austria

Nightlife is happening and fun. Whenever we think of nightlife, we plan to drop in at discs, pubs, casinos and operas. Nightlife in Austria is also very happening, where tourist can drop in to enjoy. Few such places are mentioned below.


Nightlife in Austria is unthinkable without dropping in at disco. Atrium is a popular disco in Austria. This place is the first choice of students, as entry fee is less. DJ plays popular music and you can enjoy your evenings with your friends.


If you have plans to drop in at bars, then Krebitz is the place for you. If your nightlife in Austria is incomplete without liquor, you can drop in here to taste different liquors. There is also live DJ, who plays music in the background. There is also table football, where you can try your hands, if you want to take a break. Live bands perform occasionally at Krebitz.

Krah Krah

If you want to enjoy some draught beer and nightlife in Austria, you can drop in at Krah Krah. You can also enjoy snacks and live music. At times, jazz music is also played.


If you are on the look out for some cool and happening nightlife in Austria, you should drop in at Volksgarten. Here the dance floor is loved by all dancer lovers. During summer, outdoor dance floor is made, where you can enjoy dancing in open air, along with live music.


Bricks is the name of a different kind of nightclub in Austria. If you want to enjoy your nightlife in Austria, in a way different from other clubs, then Bricks is your destination. The walls of the interior are brick shaped and the color combination is black and orange. There is an in-house DJ and music is played from 9 every night.


Flex is another popular nightclub in Austria. The crowd here also comprises young people. Every night has something special to offer and the themes are different. The popular theme is London Calling, which is held every Wednesday.


This night club in Austria is named after the famous English football club. It has a bar and is packed on weekends. It has a very big bar, which you will not be able to see, when you first step in the place. The added advantage is you can watch football that is aired on the giant screen. This club is open everyday from evening till dawn.

If you want to enjoy nightlife in Austria apart from dropping in at nightclubs, mentioned below are few such places.

  1. Opera in Vienna
  2. Vienna State Opera
  3. Mozarthaus
  4. Die Weisse
  5. O' Malleys

Nightlife in Vienna has all types of entertainment to offer to its tourists. There are night clubs, fashionable bars, casinos, Irish pubs and a lot more. If you want to enjoy your nightlife away from the crowd, then you can visit the clubs that are situated in the hills of Vienna. River Danube flowing below the hill, gives you a magnificent view.

In Vienna, you can find small, cozy bars, where piano and live music is played. They also play some Gypsy violin music, either individually or in groups. Rooms are also available in the inns, which are decorated with folk arts and in the evening, singing and dancing takes place.

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