Restaurants in Austria

Various cuisines are available in Austria. Austrian cuisine is derived from Austro- Hungarian region. The cuisine in Austria is generally traditional in nature. The Royal Cuisine of Austria has evolved over the years and has undergone a lot of changes. If you want to taste such cuisines, you need to drop at the restaurants in Austria. Few of them are mentioned below.

Restaurants in Vienna

  1. Motto

Motto is one of the restaurants in Austria, situated in the capital city. Over here, you will get typical Austrian food, with a little touch of European. The place is small and cozy and is always crowded. You can taste some of the best tartars over here and the dessert is also very good.

  1. Kuishimbo

If you are on the lookout for restaurants in Austria, serving Japanese food, then Kuishimbo is the place for you. Here homely Japanese food is served by a Japanese couple. You can relish the food, sitting outside during summers. Prices are affordable and the place has friendly staffs, which is an added advantage.

  1. Purstner

Among various restaurants in Austria, that serves Austrian cuisines, Purstner is one such place. The place is very interesting and rooms are designed like cellars and you will not feel like sitting in the big restaurant. You can enjoy different kind of meat dishes, especially pork

  1. Tichy

If you love ice creams, then you will find a wide variety of ice creams at Tichy. It is an ice cream parlor in Austria and is better to drop in with children. There is an outdoor seating arrangement and it is either buffet or takeaway.

Restaurants in Linz

  1. Amici Pizzeria

Restaurants in Austria also have a number of food joints, which serve pizza. Amici Pizzeria in Linz, is such a joint where you can enjoy different kinds of pizzas. It has an outdoor seating arrangement, where you can enjoy your pizzas.

  1. Niu

If you want to enjoy Asian food in Austria, you can drop in at Niu. The restaurant prepares various kinds of Asian food. Smoking is banned and the food is very typical in this restaurant.

  1. Bombay Palace

As the name suggests, Bombay Palace is the Indian restaurant, where you will only get Indian food. The tourists love this place as they are able to taste Indian food, sitting right in Austria.

Some other restaurants in Austria other than the ones located in Vienna, Linz and Innsbruck are given below.

  1. Katunga

Restaurants in Austria also serves African cuisines and Katunga is on of them. This is a four star restaurant, where you can enjoy various dishes from Africa.

  1. Bug's Bar

Bug's Bar is basically a cafe in Austria, where you can enjoy light food. If you want to have sandwiches then you can taste a variety of them at Bug's Bar.

  1. Taj Mahal

This restaurant is for those people who are fascinated by Indian cuisines. Tourists, who love Indian cuisines in Austria, can visit Taj Mahal to taste authentic Indian food.

  1. Mangold's

If you want vegetarian cuisine in Austria, you can drop in at Mangold's. As meat preparations are easily available and are preferred by the residents of Austria, it is difficult to find vegetarian restaurant. But at Mangold's you can enjoy clean, delicious and healthy vegetarian food.

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