Romantic vacations in Austria

Austria, officially known as Republic of Austria, is a landlocked country in the central region of Europe. It is bordered by Czech Republic and Germany in north, Italy and Slovenia in the south, Hungary and Slovakia in the east and in the west by Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Vienna is the capital city of Austria, which is located on the sides of beautiful Danube River. The exotic locations of this region is responsible for making it one of the popular Romantic vacations in Austria.

When talking of Romantic vacations in Austria, one of the romantic destinations over here is sure to be the Danube Valley, on which the capital city, Vienna is located. If you take a full day tour to Vienna, when you are on your favorite romantic vacation with your partner, the romantic scenery becomes more lively with the presence of your beloved one. This excursion unfolds the exquisite beauty of Wachau Valley. As you travel, slowly the charm of the small villages along with steep vineyards will engulf you, leaving you completely mesmerized.

You will be so involved with the atmospheric beauty that you will feel the urge to resolve the mystery of the mysteriously looking castles. The history as well the legendary tales makes the city very much lively. One such popular castle is the Durnstein. The romantic boat trip is a must which is from Danube to Splitz and also visit Krems, the old wine merchants town. There are excellent tour packages for this trip in Austria.

The most important part of Romantic vacations in Austria are the hotels, which are specially made for this purpose. For that longing magical rendezvous, whether you want to celebrate your wedding, wedding anniversary or just celebrate the meeting of the man or woman of your dreams, you can gift your loved one by a treat or stay at these romantic locations. There are wide range of choices for that longing candle light dinner in the following hotels. Romantik Hotel Gmachl, Scholls Grubegg, Scholls Monchstein, Romantic Hotel of Escapio and many more can be your favorite destinations.

While you are on your Romantic vacations in Austria, the architecturally beautiful buildings along with the culture of Austria is sure to impress you. Linz, located in upper Austria is an excellent romantic shopping destination. You can order your favorite romantic candle and also buy romantic souvenirs, which is sure to have a long lasting effect of romanticism in your mind even after coming back from the Romantic vacations in Austria.

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