Shopping in Austria

Shopping is really fun and people are very excited when shopping is concerned. Shopping in Austria is a wonderful experience, as there are number of shops in Austria. Whether you want to shop for apparel, fresh fruits, scented candles, Austrian markets and shops are able to cater to all your needs.

Shops in Austria

If you want to do shopping in Austria, there are different shops, selling different things. You can get branded handbags, shoes, apparels, glassware and various other items. There are various shopping malls in Austria and it is a shopper's paradise, from all over the world. Shops also sell different kinds of Austrian artifacts like needle work, jacket, hats and wood carvings.

Auctions are also held in all major cities from where you can collect some rare artifacts. There are also a number of small antique shops and shops selling traditional artifacts. While shopping in Austria, you can also collect various stuffs from road side stalls. These are popular shopping joints for tourists, as you can get stuffs in comparatively lower prices.

Shopping in Austria and mode of payment

If you are shopping from shopping malls in Austria, you can pay your bill with cards and plastic money can be used. But if you wish to buy something from the roadside shops and stalls, you need to pay them in cash. So it is advisable to carry some money with you. If you want, you can also use traveler's check. Remember when you carry a traveler's check; you should use major currencies like US Dollars, Pounds Sterling etc.

For easy Shopping in Austria a few shops are mentioned below.

  1. Mariahilfer Strabe

It is located in Westbahnhof, this street it is called "Mahu" by local people. Here you can find a number of shops and stores. All big departmental stores are situated here, from where you can buy clothes, books, accessories, leather goods and other stuffs.

Apart from the big shops, there are a number of small shops, which sell funny items. If you feel tired, then there are roadside cafes where you can take a break and munch some food. If you love sandwiches, then you can drop in at Subway, for a quick bite. As this place houses a number of shops, this is generally referred to as shopping street by local people and tourists.

  1. Linzer Landstrabe

While shopping in Austria, you can drop in at Austria's second largest shopping street Linzer Landstrabe. It is at the main square, where there are number of other shops also. This shopping street extends up to Blumau junction. As this shopping street is located in a convenient location, near the train station, it has a number of branded stores. Apart from the branded stores, there are small shops selling souvenir and other items. It is recommended to visit this street shopping area, as it has a number of specialist stores.

  1. Maria Theresien Strabe

If you want to enjoy shopping in Austria, then you must drop in at Maria Theresien Strabe. This is Europe's one of the most wonderful boulevards, which has been converted into a shopping area. Nordkette peak is in the background. Shoppers not only love shopping but also the ambience of the place.

St. Column is the main store located in the center. There are many other stores, both big and small which are located here. Also the famous store of Kaufhaus Tyrol is also located here. If you feel tired after shopping, then you can simply sit in the boulevard and relax.

  1. Mani Square

This shopping mall is located in Graz and there are a number of shopping lanes, where different shops and boutiques are located. During middle ages, Graz was an important trading center and now it is has a number of stores, which reminds the shoppers of the by gone era. If you are an art lover, then you can drop in at Herrengasse, where there are different shops selling handicrafts and souvenirs.

For shopping in Austria, drop in at any of the places mentioned above. There are many other places and flea markets in Austria, from where you can enjoy shopping. You just need to drop in at the shops, in order to get stuff that you want to buy during your trip to Austria.

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