Sightseeing in Austria

Austria is a country of rich heritage and culture. Besides Vienna there are number of places for sightseeing in Austria. In Austria, you will find a contrast in surroundings. The Alps is in the west and Danube Basin in the east. On the other hand, you will find a number of ski resorts in Austria and also historical buildings, museums, various heritage sites etc. Few such places are mentioned below.


Sightseeing in Austria is incomplete without visiting the capital city of Vienna. Vienna is an important centre for trade, between the east and the west. It is located in the northeast part of the country and the Danube River flows through the northern suburb of the city. You can find a number of shops, hotels and archaeological buildings in the city. The architecture of the city is influenced from Baroque style, with special influence from Art Nouveau style, which has its roots in Vienna.

The beautiful summer palace in Vienna can be compared with Versailles. A number of museums are located in Vienna. There are at least 50 museums located in Vienna and are open for public viewing. The Natural History Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts and a lot more. There are also a number of cathedrals, amusement parks, heritage buildings etc, in Vienna.


Styria is another popular destination for sightseeing in Austria. It extends from Salzburg to the Hungarian border. If you love skiing, then you can visit the Dachstein Gebirge, in the Enns Valley. In south, you can find a number of vineyards. If you love hiking, then you can enjoy it in the forests of Styria.


Burgenland which is located in the eastern most part of the country is a popular tourist destination. The wooden hills in the south, is in the foothills of Alps. The mild climate is best suited for wine cultivation in the region.


Innsbruck is the capital of Tirol. This is a major center for skiing and a number of ski resorts are located here. This is an 800 year old town, where you can find various buildings, that dates back during the cultural Renaissance of the 16th and 18th century. You can also find a number of ancient castles and heritage buildings.


If you are Sightseeing in Austria, then you must visit Carenthia. Grossglockner, Austria's highest mountain is situated here. Carinthia experience mild climate. If you love excursions, then you can visit Hohe Tauren National Park. During winter, when the lakes are frozen, you can also indulge in skating. There are more than ten ski resorts in Carenthia, which are packed with tourists during winter.


Tour to Linz is incomplete, without visiting the ancient castles, museums, various churches. If you want something modern, then you must drop in at The Ars Electronica Center in the suburbs of Urfahr. You can also visit the Nazi concentration camp in Mauthausen, which is in the east of Linz. It is advisable to arrange your own transport if you want to visit Mauthausen.


Tirol, located in the heart of Alps, is one of the most mountainous areas. It has a number of forests, beautiful pastures, valleys, hamlets and lakes. During summer, it is popular for hiking and in winter all kinds of winter sports can be enjoyed, including skiing. Typical Tirolean architecture can be seen in churches, villages and in ancient castles, which is traditional in nature.

Sightseeing in Austria not only involves visiting the above mentioned places, but you can also drop in at many other places in and around Austria. If you love adventure, then you can also take part in various excursions in Austria and explore different places in Austria.

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