Trip to Salzburg

Salzburg ranks fourth among the rating of largest cities in Austria. In the world of German speaking, the famous baroque architecture is one of the famous preservations, which has been enlisted in World Heritage Site by UNESCO, in the year 1997. alpine setting is the most notable feature of this city. The famous film, Sound of Music, got the perfect setti8ng in this locale. Most of the shooting were done in Salzburg with main focus on Austria. So, you can imagine in advance how alluring your Trip to Salzburg will be.

Many people long for a Trip to Salzburg as it is the hot favorite of the tourists. Apart from being the birthplace of Mozart, other notable destinations of Salzburg are forress Hohensalzburg, The University Church, Salzburg Cathedral and many more.

You should know a bit about Salzburg while planning for Trip to Salzburg. The following lines will quench your thirst of knowledge. This city is in between 2 famous mountain ranges, namely, Monchsberg and Kapuzinerberg along with River Salzach. The picturesque destination is formed by colorful town houses, small alleyways, palaces, big castles of past time and lots more.

The churches, monasteries and styled gardens are beautiful landmarks of this city.

Salzburg is known as the music city, which you can explore on your Trip to Salzburg. It is the birthplace of Mozart and tribute is paid to him by the construction of Salzburg Mozart Square, which salutes the son of this city. Salzburg is also famous for the cultural festival which is held here every year. Operas, theatrical plays and concerts are noticeable events of this cultural festival. Salzburg is also well known for the popular schools along with the theatrical education offered over here. Every year, lots of students enroll themselves to the music schools, from all around the world.

There are some monuments which are reflections of history and are must visits in a Trip to Salzburg. Fortress of Hohensalzburg, which is a building of 900 year, and which is also considered as the most maintained Mediaval fortress in whole of Europe. St Sebastian Church is the most popular church, which was built in Gothic style. This city is home to approximately 1,50,000 inhabitants.

So, while you are planning to Austria, also include your Trip to Salzburg, to witness all these things in front of your eyes.

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