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Belarusian Cuisines

Belarusian cuisines have influences from its neighboring countries like Russia, Lithuania, Ukrainian and Poles among others. The cuisines of Belarus have undergone a lot of changes though people of the country have still maintained some of the traditional methods of cooking. A variety of dishes made of potato form an important part of most cuisines in Belarus. Some of the popular potato dishes in Belarusian cuisines include Belarusian Draniki, Belarusian Draniki with Pork, Kolduni, Babka and Belarusian Kartoflyaniki among others.

Potato is often called the second bread among the people of Belarus due to it extensive use in most national dishes. In addition to potato dishes, there are also other dishes, such as flour pancake dishes and rich soups, which form a part of the Belarusian cuisines. In Belarus you will find several special potato cafes offering a wide variety of potato dishes. Many salads, meat, baked puddings and different pirazhki (patties) are also prepared with potato.

The extensive use of potato in Belarusian cuisine is due to the natural climatic conditions of the country which are favorable for growing tasty variety of potatoes. Among the other dishes, mushroom is also commonly used in Belarusian cooking, although not often as a separate dish, but are generally used to enhance the taste of the main dish. Among non vegetarian dishes, fish is also hardly ever fried and is mostly stewed, baked, and often dried. Belarusian cuisines are also famous for the rich soups, with sour cream dressing. Cold soups are also form an important part of Belarusian diet especially during the hot summer months. Among the meat dishes in Belarus, salted pork fat is a favorite which is used somewhat smoked and garnished with onions and garlic.

One of the traditional holiday cuisines in Belarus is the Pyachysta, which is either stewed boiled, or roasted pork, or large chunks of beef or pork. Meat dishes are generally served along with potatoes and other vegetables like black radish, cabbage, carrot, peas and other seasonal vegetables. The preferred fish dishes in Belarus include galki, yushka, and baked or boiled river fish with no additional garnishing. Some of the other meat dishes in Belarusian cuisines comprise Belarusian Bitki, Fried goose stuffed with apples and many more delectable dishes.

Whenever you are traveling to European countries, make sure you sample the traditional cuisines at various destinations, particularly the dishes of Belarus.

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