Flights to Belarus

Belarus has a number of airports but all airports are located in different cities and do not have regular flights. There are few airports from where flights to Belarus are available. There are six existing airports in the country, from where different flights operate. If you want to avail flights to Belarus, then you have to drop in at any one of the following airports, which is mentioned below.

  1. Brest Airport
  2. Airport Mogilev
  3. Airport Gomel
  4. National Airport Minsk
  5. Airport Vitebsk
  6. Grondo Airport

Flights to Belarus and Airlines

The different airlines that operate regular flights to Belarus are mentioned below:

  1. Air Baltic
  2. Sky Express
  3. CSA
  4. Belarusian
  5. Air Baltic
  6. Lufthansa
  7. LOT

You can avail charter flights, cheap flights, economy flights and a whole lot of other flights to Belarus. The kind of flight you take during your travel to the country depends on your budget. Even though you can get commercial flights for Belarus from any of the airports, but it is only Airport Mogilev, where the authority is operating only charter flights. So if you want to avail commercial flights to Belarus, then you can drop in at any one of the airport other than Mogilev.

Popular Flights to Belarus

There are few flights to Belarus, which are popular among tourists. Few such flights are given below:

  1. Pheonix to Minsk
  2. Denver to Minsk
  3. Miami to Minsk
  4. Vienna to Minsk
  5. New York to Minsk
  6. Philadelphia to Minsk

Cheap Flights to Belarus

If you want to avail flights to Belarus, you can book your tickets for cheap flights that are available. But one thing should be kept in mind that when you book your cheap flight tickets and if you cancel the same, you will not get any refund. The various in- flight facilities that are there, are not available in cheap flights.

Weather conditions for availing flights to Belarus

It is advised to find out in detail about the prevailing weather conditions of Belarus. You should not avail flights to Belarus, during hostile weather conditions. Also you should be careful traveling during monsoons, when flights to Belarus are infrequent. Also flights to Belarus are often delayed during monsoons.

Booking Tickets for flights to Belarus

Booking tickets for flights to Belarus is easy and convenient now. You can book tickets either with the help of travel agents or you can book tickets via internet. If you want, you can also book your tickets by dropping in at the offices of different airlines.