Hotels in Belarus

Belarus is another Eastern European country, which is officially known as the Republic of Belarus. This is also a landlocked country and is surrounded by Russia, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania, and Ukraine. If you want to enjoy your trip to Belarus, then it is essential to know some of the hotels in Belarus. Mentioned below are few such hotels, where you can stay, depending on your budget.

Hotels in Brest

  1. Hotel Buh

There are various hotels in Belarus, but hotel Buh in Brest has a typical neoclassical style, that is reflected in the architecture. The interiors of the hotel are ethnic in design and the walls are painted with ancient paintings. The rooms are large and spacious, and it has a typical old world charm. The rooms are attached with large balcony and it will give you a view of the main road.

  1. Hotel Vesta

Hotels in Belarus includes both luxury and budget hotels. Hotel Vesta is a luxury hotel, where prices are a bit high. You can enjoy all modern facilities and the hotel also has a restaurant, where you can enjoy sumptuous meals and breakfasts. All the rooms in the hotel have television, fridge, mini bars etc and it has a peaceful surrounding, where you can relax.

  1. Hotel Intourist

Hotel Intourist has a typical Soviet architecture. The food that is served is traditional in nature and the rooms are quite airy and spacious. The staff is helpful and in-house facilities are pretty good.

Hotels in Vitsebsk

  1. Vetrazh

Among various hotels in Belarus, Vetrazh in Vitsebsk is a huge hotel, which has 300 beds. The look of the hotel is like a bomb proof structure and it is a post Soviet hotel. It is located in the south, near the city center. The hotel is well connected by bus and train.

  1. Hotel Eridan

If you want to stay at luxury hotels in Belarus, then Hotel Eridan should be your choice. This hotel is located in the old town, which is an upscale neighborhood. You can enjoy all modern facility, including a swimming pool. The hotel has large and airy rooms, along with an in- house restaurant, which serves best quality food. Even though, prices are bit high, but it is worth it.

Hotels in Minsk

  1. Hotel Minsk

Hotel Minsk follows Western standards, when interiors are concerned and also the style of the hotel. It has typical chain style rooms that are small, giving it a western look. The interiors are done in dull colors, basically in beige. There is gym, spa, swimming pool, club etc where you can relax. There is also a restaurant, from where you can enjoy complimentary buffet breakfast. At first glance, prices might seem to be higher, which is actually not, compared to the kind of facility that is provided by the hotel.

  1. Ibb

Ibb is one of the hotels in Belarus, which in the first impression, seems like an airport. The reason for the same is, it has all glass structure and the interiors are carpeted. Rooms in this hotel are airy, tidy and clean. The interiors of the hotel, gives you a cozy and warm feeling. Services are good and staff is friendly, with a professional outlook. The hotel has a popular restaurant named Westfalia, from where you can enjoy your food.

  1. Hotel Belarus

Hotel Belarus is a huge hotel. The structure of the hotel resembles that of the Soviet era architecture and it has a marble lobby. The lobby has chairs that are made up of old leather and looks like a weigh station. You can enjoy your breakfast, sitting on the top floor of the restaurant and enjoy the wonderful view.

  1. Zhuravinka

Among various hotels in Belarus, Zhuravinka is one such hotel that offers high end facilities and services to its guests. This hotel is in high demand, so it is better to book rooms in advance. This hotel has a new building and also has restaurants, gym, bowling alley, fitness club, which the guests can enjoy. The rooms are very big and airy. The interiors are well decorated and give you a warm feeling.

Apart from the hotels in Belarus that are mentioned above, you can also drop in at the following places, during your trip to Belarus.

  1. Hotel Grondo
  2. Semashko
  3. Hotel Dzvina
  4. 40 Let Pobedy
  5. Hotel Ekspress