Nightlife in Belarus

Nightlife in Belarus is vibrant and lively. There are a number of bars, cafes, pubs, and casinos etc where you can drop in to enjoy nightlife in Belarus. Puppet shows are also a part of nightlife in Belarus. Mentioned below are few such places in Belarus.


Among all the nightclubs in Belarus, Bronx is one of the classiest and most fashionable nightclubs in Belarus. It is advised to carry some cash with you, if you want to avail all the facilities available there. It has an in-house DJ, where you can enjoy live music and crowd in this place is cool and happening.


If you want to enjoy your nightlife in Belarus, then you must drop in at Madison. The nightclub is mirrored and it has an excellent dance floor. It is one of the most modern nightclubs, where you can enjoy snacks along with drinks. Prices of drinks are reasonable and the pocket pinch is low. If you want to enjoy most, without spending much, then you must drop in at Madison.

Night Star

As the name suggests, Night Star is the appropriate place for you to spend the night, with your friends. This night club has three bars and there are a number of seating arrangements. In fact, this place has one of the best dance floors in town. There are seating arrangements in the first floor of the club also, but the places are reserved and you have to pay extra, if you want to sit there. This place has a mixed crowd and is always bustling with life, even at wee hours.

Westworld Club

If you want to have tequila shots and enjoy your nightlife in Belarus, then this is the place for you. Local people call this place "Shayba", which means hockey puck. Here you can find a mixed crowd, with people from all strata. This nightclub is situated beside hotel Belarus, near the river side.

X -Ray

X-Ray is the one of the funkiest bars in Belarus, where you can enjoy foot taping music along with good food and drinks. The interiors of this bar have a typical retro look, that of the sixties. The furniture is also very typical of the retro age, with bright colors. There is an open deck, where you can relax during summer. There is an in-house DJ, who plays music of different genres, which you can enjoy along with good liquor.

Galereya Vin

If you are a wine lover, your nightlife is incomplete without sipping a few glasses of wine. Drop in at Galereya Vin, which is a wine shop but it also has a small bar. There are few wooden tables and stools, where you can sit with your close group of friends and enjoy some good wine.

If you want to enjoy your nightlife in Belarus in a bit different manner, other than dropping in at bars, pubs and discos, you can do the in the following way:

  1. Watch Cabaret Performance
  2. Cruise
  3. Listen to Live Music
  4. Drop in at Cafe Bars