Romantic vacations in Belarus

Belarus is a city of beautiful landscapes, historical culture and quaint villages, a romantic vacation at Belarus is just ideal. The whole day can be spent touring the various attractions of the place or just picnicking in a secluded spot in one of the natural reserves or forest areas of the place. While on a romantic vacations in Belarus, you must include in your trip a visit to the historical sites of Belarus.

Tour the parks, museums and historical spots with your loved one and feel the thrill of the romanticism of the era gone by. Walking through the historical sites is part of the romantic vacations in Belarus, after all enjoying the wonders of history is enhanced with your loved one. Tour the museums of Minsk in Belarus with your loved one and feel the artifacts coming alive, wonder at the lifestyle of the people in ancient times or just enjoy the company of each other whilst touring through Belarus.

The 19th century houses at Troitskoye Predemestye throws a certain charm in the air that is felt as you tour these places in suburban Belarus. You can imagine the lives of those noble men, bask in the folklores and, as is common in any small town places, learn about the legends of love and duels that had been fought during those era. The delightful facades are etched with romantic stories that are spine tingling and adventurous. Feel the pain of a young wife who lost her husband in the war or glimpse the pathos of a young woman as she awaits her lovers return. These houses add a certain old world charm to your romantic vacations in Belarus.

The Mir castle is another must visit spot on your Romantic vacations in Belarus. The castle has been declared a world heritage site by the UNESCO. Hiking and skiing together also affords for quality time that you can spend together in each other's company. Rowing through the quiet waterways of the countryside is another delightful option for a romantic holiday in Belarus. If all this is not to your taste then just go off picnicking in the surrounding woods of one of the villages at Belarus and enjoy the privacy and tranquility of the woods with your loved one.

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