Trip to Minsk

Minsk is the capital and biggest city of Belarus. It is located on the Vislach and Niamiha rivers. In the beginning of the last century Minsk became the nerve center of the workers movement in Belarus. It late on emerged as one of the major centers of Belarusian national revival along with Vilnia, another popular town of Minsk.

During the Russian Revolution in the year 1917, the movement created good impact upon Minsk. An independent erstwhile Soviet Union was established which had drawn support from the affected common people and soldiers. In the year 1919, Minsk became the capital of Byelorussia

Traveling arrangements should be made to Minsk during the time pf any vacation. Travelers can travel to Minsk by United Airlines. There are various hotels for staying in the Minsk city. The names of the hotels below:

  • Atel tourist

  • Best Eastern Belarus

  • Atel Orbita

  • Best Eastern Hotel Minsk

  • Atel Orbita

Places of interest in Minsk are stated below:

  • Victory Square

  • Gum

  • Main Post Office Building

  • Lenin Square

  • Minsk Observation Wheel

Restaurants in Minsk:

  • Beer Restaurant

  • Rakovski Brovar

  • Good Bylo Russia

The economy of Minsk city is dependant upon industrial and services sector. The city has around manufacturing units to the tune around 250 factories and plants. Other key services included banking and financial services. The transportation sector in the city has become advanced. A modern upgraded railway terminal was built up which connects Minsk city to other parts of Russia.

There are some reputed academic institutions in Minsk. Out of which National Technical University is the prominent among all the academic institutions.

From the cultural aspect, there are many theatre halls and museums in Minsk city. Among the theatre halls, the notables are;

  • National Academic and Big Opera ballet Theatre

  • Maxim Gorky National Drama Theatre

The prominent museums are:

  • Belarusian National Arts Museum

  • Belarusian National History and Cultural Museum

Anyhow Minsk is a city to reckon with. On every aspect Minsk city is gaining prominence. Those planning to make a trip to Minsk are likely to relish a visit to this beautiful city of Belarus.