Wildlife holidays in Belarus

If you possess a fascination towards wildlife, then enjoy a wildlife holidays in Belarus during your visit to Bulgaria. Belarus or erstwhile Byelorussia was one of the republics of Soviet Union and earned its independence in the year 1991. Belarus has become one of the hot favorite destination of people across the world. Hundreds of lakes, forests and a great variety of the flora and fauna present here will make your trip to Belarus more exciting.

If you want to experience the wildlife in Belarus, then spring is the best time for you. Begin your journey from Minsk, and drive straight to Buda Clupinski. Most of the tourists settle in Buda Clupinski and travel the nearby spots from this place. Visit Pripiatsky National Park and explore the region either on foot or on boat. The lagoons are linked with the main water body through a number of waterways. Enjoy the song of spring while standing beneath the oak trees. You will witness more or less eight different species of woodpeckers during your wildlife holidays in Belarus.

You can hear the melodious song of the birds amidst the greenery ofBelarus forest. The noise of Corncrakes, Great Snipe, Storks and Whitewinged Black overflows the entire forest heralding the advent of spring. Watch some of the rare species of flora and fauna during your wildlife holidays in Belarus. If you are fortunate you can find nearly 16 species of eagles, Great Egret, Common Crane, Nut cracker, Black Grouse, Thrush Nightingale, Hazel Grouse, Azure Tit, Bluethroat, Capercaillie and Collared Flycatcher. A seven day birdwatching session will make you more knowledgeable about the different species of birds.

Apart from this beautiful birds you can also witness a diverse species of mammals like European bison, wild boar, muskrat and elk. The national park is the breeding place of several species of animals that reside here. You can watch these endangered species while walking along the paths that are covered with colorful wild flowers and numerous butterflies flying around you. You can have a spectacular view of nearly 800 varieties of vascular plants during your wildlife holidays in Belarus. The sight of the vast flora and fauna will remain imprinted in your mind.

Remember you will really miss out something if you forget to witness the wildlife of Belarus during your traveling to European countries. So make your holiday an interesting and memorable one with wildlife holidays in Belarus.