Flights to Belgium

There are a number of airports in Belgium and different flights to Belgium. The main airport is Brussels Airport, from where various flights operate. The other airports are Antwerp International airport, Liege Airport, etc to name a few.

Flights to Belgium and different airlines

There are a number of flights to Belgium, along with cheap flights. You can book your tickets, in any one of the airlines, operating in and around the country. The names of few such airlines are given below.

  1. Brussels Airlines
  2. Lufthansa
  3. British Airways
  4. Sky Express LOT

There are various airlines that offer cheap tickets for flights to Belgium. You can select the airlines of your choice, depending on your budget and as per your convenience. As fares of these flights are low, passengers can book tickets on these flights easily as compared to other flights. The various in- flight facilities are not available in cheap flights, but the passenger can order food and drinks, by paying a nominal charge, like that of any other flight, operating in and around Belgium.

Flights to Belgium and Booking tickets

Tickets for cheap flights can be booked in the same manner as that of other airlines, operating in Belgium. You can book your tickets either through internet or with the help of travel agents. If you want, you can also get hold of the tickets, by dropping in at the city office of the various airlines. If you book your tickets from travel agents, they at times give you some concession if you buy tickets with cash. They can also provide you detail information, as to when to visit the place and what are the various traveling options available in that particular place.

On the other hand booking tickets via internet, for flights to Belgium, is the most convenient one, as you can book the ticket of your choice, with the click of your mouse. Mode of payment is also easy, as you can pay with your debit or credit card.

Facilities available at Airports in Belgium

At times, passengers are required to wait at airports, in order to catch connecting flights to different places in and around Belgium. Most of the airports in Belgium are huge and spacious. There are special seating arrangements for senior citizens, minors and people with physical disabilities.

A number of food joints and restaurants are there, where fliers can enjoy their meals, at discounted rates. Book stores and florists are also there, from where you can buy gifts for your near and dear ones. You can also buy gift items, souvenirs, liquors and various other things, at a very cheap rate from duty free shops in Belgian airports.

All the airports are extremely modern in Belgium, where there are banks, ATM's and a medical help center. Various bus services are available from the different airports, which helps the passengers to reach their desired destination within Belgium. The railway station is also near the airport and is just a walk away, from where passengers can take connecting trains to different places. If you want to avail cab facility, that is also there. Airports in Belgium have a 24 hours cab service, just outside the terminal.

When you book your tickets for flights to Belgium, it should be kept in mind that it is better to book your tickets in advance, as there is high demand for flights in the country. If you plan to cancel your tickets, it is advised to do it pretty early, so that you can get back your money. Be careful when you book tickets, because at times, there is no refund facility for tickets of particular airlines, even though you cancel your tickets early.