Hotels in Belgium

Belgium is a landlocked country and there are many interesting places to visit in and around the country. In order to make your trip to Belgium exciting, you need to know about few places where you can stay. Given below are few hotels in Belgium where you can stay.

Hotels in Antwerp

  1. Hilton Antwerp

If you are looking for international hotels in Belgium, then Antwerp Hilton should be your first choice. Services of this hotel are of international standard and it is located at a convenient location, which is a two minutes walk from the Grote Market. The architecture of the hotel is worth noticing. It somewhat represents a Budapest station and sort of Parisian departmental store. The most unique feature of this hotel is it has a café, which is made up of glass. If you sit there, you can have a look at the wonderful OLV Cathedral that is just opposite to the hotel. There are various types of rooms available, including deluxe rooms. Deluxe rooms have the facility of making tea and coffee. Also there is free newspaper and complimentary breakfast available.

  1. Villa Mozart

This hotel in Belarus offers best oblique view to its visitors. This is a hotel that will not offer outstanding facilities but the staff of the hotel is friendly and you can enjoy all in-house facility. The rooms are named in Mozart's theme and a sheet is there in all rooms, providing all the details, regarding the origin of the hotel, its name etc.

  1. De Witte Lelie

Among various hotels in Belgium, De Witte Lelie offers best accommodations. The hotel is very well decorated with flowers and it has a typical look of a renovated 17th century mansion. In the rooms, you will find a mix of modernity along with traditional artifacts. The interiors are done basically in light shades and the floors are polished. The guestrooms have min bars, intercom, Wi- Fi facility etc. The staff is friendly and you can enjoy complimentary breakfast along with other in-house facility.

Hotels in Brussels

  1. Hotel Sabina

Hotel Sabina is one of the hotels in Belgium, which has a typical traditional European style. This hotel is a family run business, where the in-house facility is informal. Due to this nature of the hotel, travelers prefer this place. The hotel has a typical old world charm and it is located in a quiet and peaceful locality. The rooms are airy and clean. Fresh coats of paints are applied in the rooms from time to time and all modern amenities are available. Apart from other in- house facility, you can enjoy complimentary buffet breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

  1. Hotel Argus

If you want something modern, then you can drop in at Hotel Argus. The lobby is well decorated with black sofas and there are a number of international newspaper and magazines that are there, for the guests to read. The walls of the hotel are decorated with contemporary art, which are original paintings of artists. Rooms are big and airy. You can enjoy continental breakfast from the restaurant, but if you wish you can also have some egg preparations for breakfast.

Hotels in Ostend

  1. Thermae Palace

If you are looking for hotels in Belgium facing the sea, then Thermae Palace should be your first choice. This hotel is on the beach and the rooms offer a wonderful view of the sea. The rooms are standard, but one thing that is worth mentioning is the buffet breakfast. The room where the buffet breakfast is laid down is so big, that it almost reaches the beach and gives you a spectacular view of the sea.

  1. Hotel Ter Kade

Hotel Ter Kade is one of the hotels in Belgium, which is located in the center of the town, gives you a spectacular view of the harbor and the sea. The guestrooms are modern, which are decorated simply and with light colors. The rooms have all in- house facility and the guests can enjoy different kinds of seafood preparations. You can also get typical French cuisine and all meals are complimentary, including breakfast. The guests can enjoy the food, sitting near the beach. You need not walk up to the beach, but it is just a few meters away from the hotel.

Various other hotels in Belgium are given below, where you can stay during your trip to the country.

  1. Hotel Europe
  2. Empire Hotel
  3. Passage
  4. Martin's Brugge
  5. Hotel Rosenburg
  6. Jan Brito