Nightlife in Belgium

Nightlife in Belgium is happening and full of life. The country is not only famous for its historical buildings and different places of interest, there are a number of cafes, pubs, bars, happening nightclubs etc. Given below are few such places where you can enjoy your nightlife in Belgium.

L' Axess

If you want to enjoy your night along with good food and drink, then this is the place for you. L' Axess is a new restaurant, where visitors can enjoy drinks at the bar club named Tour and Taxis. As it is a new restaurant, prices of liquor are low, in order to attract customers.

Au Bon Vieux Subite

If you want to enjoy your nightlife in Belgium, in a place that has typical old world charm, then you should drop in at Au Bon Vieux Subite. This place has a small bar and the interiors are cozy and windows are made up of stained glass. There are a number of antique clocks, which are no more in use now. These clocks have added an extra charm to the ambience of the bar.

La Cercueil

If you are courageous enough and want to enjoy your nightlife in Belgium in a complete different atmosphere, then you must drop in at La Cercueil. The interior of the bar is decorated with skulls, skeletons, coffins and other such deadly items. The lights are dim and the whole ambience is scary.

Delirium Cafe

This bar is open till 4 am in the morning and there are 2004 types of beer available. If you are lucky enough, then you can get 2005 types of beer, depending on the kind of weather. The staff is friendly and this place remains open on Sundays also.


Tribeca has a lounge and a bar. It is located inside a restored house and it has all modern amenities, including a bar. Music is played by the in- house DJ, and at times live music is also played. This place is best, if you want to relax with your close group of friends.


Nightlife in Belgium is incomplete, if you do not feel the essence of blue music. Bizon is the place where you can booze and listen to some blue music. The place is small, with a huge bison head, hanging on top of the bar counter. The floors are wooden, with typical traditional wooden chairs. The crowd is a mix of young people, office goers and intellectuals. Spaghetti is the only dish that is served with drinks and it is pretty good to eat.


Nightlife in Belgium is incomplete without dropping in at nightclubs. Bazaar is actually a restaurant, which is converted into a bar. There is also a make shift dance floor, where you can dance, along with music.

Nostalgia Club

Nostalgia club is known for its music. Some great music is played in this nightclub, including oldies and hits. Music from 70's till today are played over here.

You can enjoy your nightlife in Belgium by dropping in at casinos, wine bars and in restaurants with entertainment facility. Mentioned below are few such places.

  1. H2O
  2. Le Jardin de ma Soeur
  3. The Magic Rubens
  4. Cafe Belga
  5. Mamur