Restaurants in Belgium

Belgium is also known as kingdom of Belgium and is another northwest European country. The country experiences a maritime climate and is a favorite destination for tourists. Trip to the country is incomplete, without enjoying some delicacies. There are a number of restaurants in Belgium, where you can taste different cuisines. Given below are few such places, where you can drop in during your visit to the country.

Restaurants in Brussels

  1. La Clef des Champs

There are many restaurants in Brussels serving Belgian cuisine. But if you want to enjoy French cuisine, then you can drop in at La Clef des Champs. The food and services are amazing, with friendly staff. The interiors are very well decorated and an added advantage of this place is the bar, where you can enjoy drinks.

  1. Kokob

If you want to enjoy different variety of food and at an affordable price, then this is the place for you. Complimentary cocktails are served with your food. The food quality is good and if you love dessert, you can try out some that have typical Ethiopian flavor.

  1. Yamato

If you are looking for Japanese restaurants in Belgium, then you can visit Yamato. Authentic Japanese food is served, which is simple and tasty. It is cozy and the seating arrangement is near the bar, where you can drop in with your friends. Ramen soup is one of the delicious items, which you must taste. Ramen is originally available in Japan, but if you want to taste Japanese food in Europe, you must drop in here.

  1. La Roue d'Or

This place is one of the restaurants in Belgium, which serves Belgian dishes. The restaurant has a homely atmosphere, where you can enjoy your food along with drinks. Prices are reasonable and pocket pinch is low, so you can eat as much as you want.

Restaurants in Liege

  1. Le Paris Brest

There are few restaurants in Belgium serving original French cuisine. Le Paris Brest is the place, where you can get a number of French cuisines, at an affordable price and good taste. The restaurant is well decorated and mostly foreign people drop in, to enjoy French cuisine.

  1. Le Lulay Al'copete

Local and Belgian cuisine is served best at Le Lulay Al'copete. Different local delicacies are available, which is healthy and delicious. Prices are cheap which makes your dining more enjoyable.

  1. Shangai

As the name suggests, Shanghai is the Chinese restaurant, located in Liege. Tourists can choose from a variety of dishes that are available. Liquor is cheap and the staff is friendly. Parking in this restaurant is free and there is ample parking space available.

Restaurants in Antewerp

  1. Isola Sarda

There are different restaurants in Belgium serving local delicacies. But if you want to enjoy Italian delicacies, Isola Sarda is the restaurant, serving authentic Italian food. You can taste a number of Italian dishes and the pizzas over here. You will get some best pizzas at Isola Sarda. Italian tourists, who want to enjoy pure Italian food, can drop in here.

  1. Aurelia

International cuisines are served best at Aurelia. You can enjoy a number of international dishes, at an affordable price. The atmosphere is very homely, with friendly staff and fast services. Drinks are also available and it is advisable to book your table before you plan to drop in.

Restaurants in Bruges

  1. 't Brugs Beertje

If you want to enjoy some good drinks, then you can drop in at't Brugs Beertje. There are nearly 300 types of beer available and you choose from it, depending on your taste. If you are unable to select on your own, which beer to have, the staff is friendly enough to help you in doing so.

  1. Staminee De Garre

This is one of the restaurants in Belgium, where you can enjoy only drinking. No cooked food is served, but you can enjoy cheese bites and few sausages with your drinks. There is a wide variety of drink to choose from and the ambience of this place is very cool. Light music is being played and you can sit quietly and relax.

There are many other restaurants in Belgium where you can drop in during your trip to the country. Given below are few such places.

  1. L' Espana
  2. Le Numidie
  3. Le Theme
  4. Recto Verso
  5. L' Oreient