Shopping in Belgium

Shopping in Belgium is real fun. There are a number of shops in Belgium, from where you can shop. There are antique stores, fashion shops, optical store, bookshops, groceries, chocolate shops etc. Given below are few such names, where you can drop in during your visit to the country.

Shops in Brussels

Brussels is one of the best places when shopping in Belgium is concerned. You can buy branded stuff and also cheap items, from different stores. Bargaining is not possible in branded stores, but there are a number of small shops, where you can bargain. Most expensive shops in Brussels are located on the central Grand place. Apart from buying different things in Brussels, you must buy chocolates. It is said that Belgium manufactures some of the best chocolates in the world.

Rue Neuve is one of the most happening shopping streets in the city. If you want to enjoy shopping in Belgium, then you can visit this place. You can get everything in Rue Neuve, right from clothes, to departmental stores, boutique shops, shopping mall etc. If you feel tired while shopping, you can drop in at the roadside eateries, which serve local delicacies.

Grand Sablon

Grand Sablon or Sablon Square is another place, where you can drop in for shopping in Belgium. This place is also located in Brussels and is best suited to buy antique stuffs.

If you love flowers, then you can visit the Grand Place. Here you can get a variety of flowers, right from original to orchids and prices are reasonable. There are also a number of flea markets in and around Brussels, from where you can buy goods in cheap.

Shopping in Belgium and Antwerp

Another favorite shopping destination for tourists in Belgium is Antwerp. Antwerp is known as the diamond center of the world, as you can get best uncut diamond. There are a number of branded shops, departmental stores, boutiques etc. Prices of goods are bit high and this is an upscale shopping area.


If you are lookout for exclusive goods and products, then you can drop in at Knokke. This place has some exclusive shops and is preferred by those who want to buy designer items, while shopping in Belgium.


Shopping in Belgium is incomplete without buying some traditional items and copperwares. This place is known as Dinanderie, where you can get some of the best items made of copper which are hand beaten. This item is pretty famous in Belgium and you can buy a number of items, which are made of hand beaten copper.

Dandoy's and Wittamer's

Shopping in Belgium is incomplete without buying Belgium chocolates. But people often forget that, apart from different chocolate shops, there are different kinds of cookies that are available. In this store you can buy cookies of your choice, at a reasonable rate, which acts as souvenirs.

Gutenberg Buchhandlung

Book lovers can drop in at Gutenberg Buchhandlung, where you will find a good collection of German literature. You can also get different kinds of magazines and other literary stuffs in this store.

Shopping in Belgium is incomplete without buying Belgium lace. This product is typical to Belgium and there are different kinds of lace from which a shopper can choose. The different types of laces are needle point lace, bobbin lace etc to name a few.

Belgium Strips and shopping in Belgium

If you love light reading, then you can buy Belgium strips. Belgium strips are small stories that are printed in a page, like a series of events, which are happening at that same time. You can choose from a number of strips like comic, horror, science fiction etc.

Shopping in Belgium and mode of payment

Shopping in Belgium is easy and convenient. All major stores accept credit and debit cards. American Express, Diners Club, Visa etc are widely accepted. There are a number of ATM's in and around Belgium, so even if you run short off money, you need not worry. Travelers check is also accepted in all shopping malls in Belgium. When you carry travelers check, it is better to do it in Euro, Pound etc.