Trip to Bruges

The rich history of Belgium is depicted well in the city of Bruges. From the middle age architecture to the exclusive paintings, a trip to Bruges is a fascinating journey. The unique canal connectivity of the city has earned it the name of "Venice of the North". Touring Bruges is like going back to the medieval period, the wonderfully preserved castles and monuments give you valuable insights into the architecture of those eras. The efforts have found the city a place in the list of UNESCO world heritage sights.

The waterways is another wonder of the place, the myriad of canals and quaint stone bridges indeed paint a delightful picture. The cobbled streets further enhances the feeling of traveling back in time. These streets lead to places of exquisite facades, spires and magnificent steeples. While you are on your trip to Bruges, do not miss the chocolates! The Belgian chocolate is world famous. But do you know the history of this ancient chocolate making art? The Choco Story Museum takes you through a tour of the history and art of chocolate making that is quite ancient in the country.

A visit to the Minnewater lake with its romantic setting just makes your Bruges trip perfect. The swans and the picturesque park nearby cuts a perfect picture for spending time alone with your loved ones. This lake in the olden times was one of the major ports of the city. A trip to Bruges is wrapped up with a visit to the beaches and the Polder region nearby. Abbeys and parks are the added attractions of this charming city of Belgium. Belfry, Burg, Groeninque Museum, Markt, Memling Museum, St Johns Hospital, Townscape, Basilica of the Holy Blood, Church of our Lady, Tomb of Mary of Burgundy are some of the popular tourist spots of Bruges.

The town hall is a must visit on your trip to Bruges. This 14th century structure has the finest works of sculpture and art depicted in the bas reliefs and statues of characters from bible. One of the finest examples of 13th century Gothic architecture is the Cathedral of the Holy Savior. The relics and artifacts that is housed within the walls of this cathedral are priceless.

Your trip to Bruges is made perfect with the excellent services of the various hotels dotting the landscape of the city. Die Swaene, Hotel Karos, Eastglenn Inn, Ter Brughe Hotel, Hotel Egmond, Hotel Aragon are the names of some of the best places to stay in Bruges.