Trip to Leuven

Leuven is one of the picturesque cities in Belgium, situated approximately 30 kilometers east of Brussels. There are regular train services that connect Leuven with Antwerpen, Brussels, Mechelen, Brugge, Gent, Oostende and Hasselt en Liege. With so much to see and do, a trip to Leuven is a great idea for most leisure travelers. The city has a rich and splendid history and tradition which is still evident through the numerous heritage structures. There are a number of architectural splendors in Leuven which make for major tourist attractions. With so many connecting flights from different parts of Europe, a trip to Leuven is quite a convenient affair.

You can check out the different airlines websites to check for flights to Leuven.

In addition there are many tour operators that offer day trips and guided trips to Leuven. These trips are a great way to explore the different attractions the town of Leuven has to offer. Some of the tourist attractions which you will enjoy during your trip to Leuven include the Town Hall, the St. Peter's Church, University Hall, Church of Saint Michael, University Library and neo-romanesque Abbey among several others. The city center around the Grand Square has various caf�s, the impressive Gothic City Hall and the St Peter's church.

The Grand Square is bordered by cobbled streets and alleyways which further allures visitors to explore the spectacular architecture and heritage of Leuven. The city not only offers great sight seeing opportunities but also a number of recreational activities for tourists to enjoy. In addition there are a number of small bars and cafes where visitors can stop by and enjoy a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

While you are on a trip to Leuven, don't forget to visit the University Hall which is one of the world's oldest universities. If you are staying over at Leuven there are a number of accommodation options available throughout the city. Some of the well known hotels in Leuven include Begijnhof Congres Hotel, Gasthof De Pastorij, Hotel Binnenhof, Holiday Inn Garden Court, Hotel Ibis, Hotel De Biestpoort, Hotel Industrie and Hotel La Royale among others. Plus there are youth hostels, bed and breakfast as well as accommodation for groups available in the city of Leuven. Travel to European countries has always offers much fun and enjoyment to tourists. Just like other European cities, a Leuven trip is also offers plenty of excitement to visitors from different parts of the world.