Trip to Liege

Liege is one of the rapidly changing cities in Belgium located in the valley of the river Meuse near the eastern borders of Belgium. A trip to Liege offers visitors a great holiday experience. With several churches, cathedrals and museums, visitors have plenty of sightseeing opportunities in the city. There are also a number of other attractions in Liege which include Prince-Bishops of Liege, Place Saint-Lambert, Coteaux de la Citadelle and many more. The churches and cathedrals in particular represent some of the most beautiful examples of architectural designs, a must visit in your trip to Liege.

Liege is also well known for its warm and friendly hospitality that will make you feel at home as you step into the city. In addition to the different architectural splendors there are also stylish restaurants and pubs in Liege. The city also has an active nightlife where party lovers can have a great time. When you go on a trip to liege, you will witness the interesting amalgamation of the old with the new.

Anytime you visit Belgium, make it a point to plan a trip to Liege and experience all that the city has to offer. Liege is famous for its numerous museums which include the Arms Museum, Museum of Walloon Art, Museum Curtius, Museum Of Religious Art, House of the Metallurgic Industry, Glass Museum and Museum of Modern Art. Other museums like Museum of Walloon Life and Folklore, Tchantches Museum, Museum of Prehistoric Archeology are also well known in the city of Liege. There are many day trips and tours to Liege offered by several tour operators. Most of these tours take visitors on a sightseeing spree to all the interesting places in Liege.

Besides sightseeing in Liege, tourists can also indulge in some delicious cuisines in the various city restaurants. With so many connecting flights from Europe, a trip to Liege should not be a problem. Liege is also well connected to all the major cities in Belgium through road, rail and flight services. In terms of accommodation, there are number of hotels, hostels and bed & break facilities available in Liege. Some of the premier hotels are close to the city center from where guests can get easy access to all the important destinations in Liege.

Liege is also renowned for its crowded folk festivals among which the 15th of August festival is the most popular. Travel to European countries has always been a great experience for most tourists across the world and a visit to the city of Liege further enhances the excitement.