Trip to Mechelen

Mechelen is one lesser known town in Belgium located mid-way between Antwerp and Brussels. A trip to Mechelen will provide you with a number of interesting and memorable experiences. Mechelen has a rich culture and heritage that is manifest in the various museums and old structure spread throughout the city. From old churches and cathedral to Town Hall, museums, parks and garden, sightseeing in Mechelen is one of the most exciting experiences tourists can have. There is an architectural diversity in the city that is sure to leave any visitor spellbound. One such architectural structure that stands out from a distance is the huge St. Rumbold's tower, one of the must visit sites in your trip to Mechelen.

The city's moderate climatic conditions allow tourists to plan a trip to Mechelen at any time of the year. However the best time would be the summers, when it is quite cool, but if you like snowfall, then winters is a good idea. Some of the popular tourist attractions in Mechelen include the Planckendael Park and Zoo, Gaspar de Wit wall-tapestry renovation manufactory, Nekki playground, Mechelen Town Hall, Hof van Busleyden, Archbishop's Palace and Town House 'De Beyaert among others.

For those who want to have a real experience of Flanders, a trip to Mechelen is must. Even though the city had suffered greatly during the 20th century World Wars, there are still plenty of well preserved beautiful and interesting old buildings to be seen. Tourists who want to know all about the city's past culture and traditions can visit the various museums like Oud Kempisch Dorp Museum, Father Damiaan Museum and Jewish Museum of Deportation and Resistance among others. There are many day trips and tours to Mechelen offered by various tour operators in the city.

These tours are a great way to go all around the city and learn about the different monuments from travel guides. A trip to Mechelen has something to offer to people of all age groups. Just like you enjoy traveling to European countries, a Mechelen trip is also exciting. It offers an experience unlike any other with so much to know and do. There are museums for children and the Nekki playground is particularly perfect for families, groups and school children. Tourists also have a wide choice of accommodation in Mechelen with plenty of hotels and hostels spread across the city.