Trip to Ostend

Ostend is situated in the province of West Flanders in Belgium encompassing the boroughs of Stene, Mariakerke and Zandvoorde. It is one of Belgium's beautiful seaside retorts on the north-west coast. A trip to Ostend promises an abundance of exciting experiences to tourists from all over Belgium and other parts of Europe. The city is well-known for its sea-side esplanade, pier as well as exotic sand beaches. Many Belgian tourists come on day tours to Ostend via train. The beaches in the city are what attract most visitors here. Though you can visit Ostend at any time of the year, some day trips to the city are during the months on July and August.

While on a trip to Ostend, visitors can explore the various attractions such as museums, churches, plenty of old buildings as well as parks. The city caters to people of all age groups as there is no end to the fun one can have here. The best way to plan a trip to Ostend is through the various tour operators in the city. These tour operators offer great travel packages and sometimes you can also avail good deals and discounts also on your travel.

Some of the popular tourist attractions in Ostend include The James Ensor museum, Barquentine Mercator, Hippodrome Wellington, horse racing venue, St Petrus and St Paulus Church, Fort Napoleon, Harbour, Ostend Municipal Park and several others. The city has become a much sought after venue for film shooting by a number of international directors. The beaches of Ostend are the favorite hangout of most locals and tourists. Tourists often visit the cities of Bruges and Ghent through the Dover-Ostend ferry route.

A trip to Ostend offers several other experiences apart from the plenty of sightseeing. Shopping, pub hopping and dining are also some of the others things that tourists take delight in while on Ostend trip. The major shopping district in Ostend is on the north of the yacht harbor street, particularly down the roads that are close to the beach area. Plenty of tourists and residents can be seen shopping to their hearts content in the shopping area. Besides shopping, other attractions that draw tourists to Ostend include the fishing harbor, old town, North Sea Aquarium and several other museums. If you are traveling to European countries, make sure to visit Belgium and particularly the city of Ostend.