Wildlife holidays in Belgium

Do you have any special interest for wildlife? Then make your next trip special with wildlife holidays in Belgium. Belgium is one of the attractive places which draw number of vacationers from all parts of the world. Belgium is the country of medieval castles and museums. The atmosphere of here will remind you of the medieval era and the Roman history. If you want to get a vivid idea of the Renaissance and post modern art then you must visit the museums of Belgium which has excellent collection of renaissance as well as expressionist and symbolic art.

In addition to the grand castles and museums, the wildlife in Belgium also invites hundreds of tourists. Wildlife holidays in Belgium will throw light on the varied flora and fauna of the country. The variegated species of birds, insects ande animals will make your tour to Belgium more exciting. Summer is the best time to visit Belgium. The forests which stretch over vast area are truly some of the sightseeings that deserve special mention.

Het Zwin

Your wildlife holidays in Belgium must begin with your journey to Het Zwin, the beautiful countryside situated on the coastal regions and sharing border with Holland. If you are visiting Belgium to get a glimpse of the wildlife then you must visit this lagoon which spreads over 125 kilometers. The area is noted for the reserve forest which contain some unique species of animal. The beautiful sight of colorful sea lavender which stretches over miles are sure to attract your attention.


Visit Antwerp, which is famous for Kalmthoutse Heide and Blokkersdijk Natural Reserve. The beautiful lakes, the vegetation and the gardens situated in the industrial belt take the viewers by surprise. Kalmthoutse Heide abounds in pinewoods, dunes and moorlands. Watch the Black Woodpeckers, the wood larks, black grouse, honey buzzards, night jars and colorful butterflies in this natural reserve.

While visiting Antwerp, don't forget to visit Den Diel Reserve, which is situated in the vicinity of Kalmthoutse Heide. If the weather is pleasant then you may be fortunate enough to witness nearly 48 species of animals here. Dragonfly, Vagrant Darter and Migrant Hawker are some of the species that are available in plenitude.


Your wildlife holidays in Belgium will remain incomplete without a trip to Ardennes, which is famous for its fascinating woodlands. The area is the residence of some rare species like Hawflinch, Black Woodpecker and Shoettoed Treecreeper. Visitors usually spend most of the time in the limestone plateau of Famenne which is the habitat of different species of butterflies. You can see some of the rare species like Swallowtail, Chalk-hill Blue, Weaver's Fritillaries, Poplar Admiral, Pearly Heath and Purple Hairstreak in vast greenery of Ardennes.

Make your visit Travel to Belgium more exciting with wildlife holidays in Belgium.