Give your Knives the TLC even when you Travel with them

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Cooking needs the veggies, meat and fish along with all the other ingredients to be cut effectively! If you do not cut these properly, then you will never be able to achieve a delectable taste (or even the look!). The secret to effective cutting and chopping are the skills and the sharpness of knives. If you are a professional chef, and need to carry your knives with you, then you need to do so with care. Or, maybe you are an avid cook, who only loves using their own knife set for cutting and chopping.  Whichever the case, you need to keep your knives safe during travel.

Whether it is Japanese Damascus chef knives from Perkin Knives or a paring knife from another reputed store, you will have to take care! How do you do that, when you are travelling? There are numerous ways to take care of the knives! You just need to know the right carrying option for the knives. Do not forget to factor in the criteria to find the perfect knife carrying bag/equipment!

What are the Criteria for the Perfect Knife Carrying Bag/Equipment?

To have the right bag or equipment for your knives during travel, you need to keep in mind some criteria. These will make sure that your knife stays in top shape. The criteria are as follows:

  1. You need to keep that in mind whether you have a complete knife set or some of the crucial kinds of knife. Obviously, the bag will be different, because each bag has a different carrying capacity.
  2. Cooking means, you will have to deal with oil, grease and so much more! So, the material must be such that it can handle the spills, without soaking up the spilled liquid. The bags should be made of material that can be washed and cleaned easily.
  3. Make sure that the carrying bag should not be too flashy or light coloured.

What are the Carrying Options for your Knives to Keep the Knives Safe?

Now, keeping the mentioned criteria, you have to choose the right bag for your knives during travel. The various kinds of carrying options are:

  1. Canvas Rolls: If you have just entered the world of cooking, then the canvas knife carrying rolls would be the better choice. Here are its pros and cons to help with your decisions:


o   It weighs less on the pockets.

o   These bags have a standard quality.

o   It can fit most knives.


o   It cannot fit other culinary tools and cleavers.

o   If the space is tight on the counter, this can create problems. This is because it opens up to take up a lot of space.

  1. Leather Rolls: It is a great option for storing knives as it can fit the knives in separate pockets and rolled up to make it easier to carry. There are many types like chrome tanned and vegetable tanned variety. The pros and cons are:


o   It looks awesome.


o   It can weigh heavy on your pockets.

o   The leather variety can cause your knives to get rusted.

  1.  Bags: the bags have an added advantage because of the additional pockets present in the bags. To understand the utility power of the bags, you need to see the features yourself!


o   It can hold knives as well as different culinary tools.

o   It does not take up too much space.

o   The many pockets help keep the kit organized.

Now you know how to carry your knives on your travels. You could also use a tool box, but that will be too heavy to carry. These options help to keep your knives safe and luggage light. Keep your knives safe and enjoy the flying light – all at a go!

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