Meal Planning For Vacation

Cooking while on vacation can be a great way to save money, eat well and bond with fellow travelers. However, it can also become stressful depending on a person’s approach to meal preparation. As with any aspect of preparing for a trip, planning a meal while away from home requires some foresight. Even the most adventurous travelers may still want to figure out what kind of sightseeing, activities and accommodations await them at their destination. In the same vein, it’s often a good idea for travelers to determine how they are going to prepare their meals, whether they plan to use a backpacking stove while camping in Colorado or a fully equipped kitchen in a French villa. The importance of preparation only becomes greater the longer the trip and the more people who are coming, due to issues such as dietary restrictions, grocery shopping and budget.

A group dilemma

Recently chronicled the trials of cooking with a group of friends at a rented vacation house. Common concerns included dietary preferences, allergies, division of labor and expenses. In one instance, five couples went to a ski resort only to run into a number of problems. To start, they had too many chefs, two of which had completely different cooking styles, one erring toward comfort food and the other a proponent of health-conscious meals. They also had a breakfast nearly ruined because a chef forgot one of her main ingredients and left others un-refrigerated over the course of the weekend. Having varied approaches to cooking may seem nice, but it’s a problem when people won’t eat certain types of foods. As for the breakfast, it was saved by the previous night’s leftovers. However, a missed meal can become a big problem for travelers who get cranky when hungry. Other potential issues not mentioned by the article are a lack of proper cooking equipment, closed local grocery stores or unavailable ingredients.

Travel tips for cookers

While there are plenty of potential problems that may arise during meal preparation, The AP offered a few suggestions that may make the process go more smoothly. Some of those included picking a person to be a meal and provisions coordinator, divvying up duties such as cooking and cleaning, discussing allergies beforehand and determining how cost is to be shared. Additionally, it may be worthwhile to figure out what equipment is available at the destination and whether the oven and refrigerator are in working condition.

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