Travelling to London? Put Southampton on the list!

Southampton is a major port city in UK which has many attractions to offer to the London tourist. It is home to a lot of industries and commercial spaces. Southampton has been an important port city for many years and has a lot of tourist attractions for you. It is a very open and large spaced area with lots of gardens. Southampton is a great blend of history, culture and modern entertainment.

You need a day or two to explore Southampton. You definitely need to tick off Stonehenge, Salisbury and Portsmouth off your list of places to see in Southampton. To go on a shopping spree, you must visit West Quay, The Mall Marlands, Bargate and East Street. The East street is called the “speciality shopping” district. This is so that the entire city is not filled just with chain stores. For the UK chain stores you must check out old High street. On the other hand, West Quay is located right in the middle of the city centre and has over 90 stores, some of which are also the large chain stores. The West Quay has taken up three shopping levels, so you can get ready to loosen those pockets,

You absolutely cannot miss the Old Town by the Waterfront which is one of the main attractions of Southampton. Old Town has a lot of museums for you to visit along with restaurants of different cuisines from around the globe. While walking around in Old Town you will still feel the medieval vibe due to some of the original city walls which are still standing on the ground of Old Town along with some medieval buildings. Southampton also offers the opportunity to enjoy theatre and clubs for entertainment.

Being a port city, Southampton is also called as ‘The home of ocean cruising’, because a lot of cruises for various destinations around the world start from Southampton port. There are cruises that go to to New York, Iceland, Norway, Canada, Dubai and a lot more other countries. You can easily add a cruise to your travel bucket list and enjoy time on water, while also exploring more countries.

Southampton is not behind on showing you a good time at night. It has a range of diverse pubs and bars that’ll give you the typical European feel. You can find all kinds of venues for a good drink in Southampton, whether it’s a lounge with a classy setting or an all night party club, Southampton is equipped with every kind to match your expectations.

The best way to commute and roam around in Southampton is using the wide range of bus networks. There is no public transport of Southampton but there are different bus companies that are running their buses to help people get from one place to another in this port city. There is also a local train that runs from Southampton Central to Totton, Romsey, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh and Southampton airport. Apart from these, there are also seven local stations at Redbridge, Millbrook, Swaythling, St. Denys, Bitterne, Woolston and Sholing.

To get to Southampton from London, you can either avail the exclusive London to Southampton transfer service at the London airport or go for the direct London airport transfer service, both will take around 2 hours to reach Southampton. There is also a direct train that can get you from London to Southampton in one hour fourteen minutes, but this might be slightly inconvenient especially if you’re landing at the London airport with all your luggage.


If you’re making a trip to London, you have to include the rich in history and culture city of Southampton. If you have a cruise to get on to, then you must take out at least a day, to explore the city of Southampton.  After experiencing the fast paced, hustle bustle of London city, this open spaced port city with its gardens and medieval walls will be thoroughly refreshing.


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