Nightlife in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The country of Bosnia and Herzegovina is not only known as an old town, which is able to retain its culture and heritage, but the country is a favorite tourist destination also. There is a happening nightlife in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where you can spend time listening to some good music, along with drinks. Given below are few such places, where you can enjoy your nightlife in the country.

City Pub

If you want to enjoy your nightlife in Bosnia and Herzegovina, right in the heart of the city, then you can drop in here. It is located in Sarajevo and is a popular hotspot among students. City pub hosts all kinds of shows, right from live music concerts, movie shows and various art performances. You can also listen to different kinds of music like blue, jazz, rock, international hits etc. At times the DJ also plays live music. Apart from enjoying music, you can also quench your thirst by sipping different kinds of liquor that is available here.


If you are looking for some place that is far from the crowd, then you can visit Babylon, located at Bascarsija. This place has a small cozy bar. The interiors are well decorated with antique and traditional furniture and walls are painted with bright colors. You can enjoy your evening with your friends, listening to light music.

Cinemas Club

If you want to enjoy your nightlife in Bosnia and Herzegovina by listening to rock music, then you can drop in at Cinemas Club. This place is located near Croatian embassy and is full of young crowd. The kind of music that is being played depends on the theme of night, but most of the time live shows are hosted. At times jazz music is played and Monday night is special, as Latino music is played and is known as Latino night. If you want to get a proper place, both for drinking and dancing, it is advised to drop in early, in order to avoid the rush.


If you want to chill out with your friends, before you hit a club or disc, then you can drop in at Acquaris. This place offers a different kind of nightlife in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where you can enjoy some light drinks and sandwiches, as it has a small bar. Even though this place is small, you can enjoy some quiet evenings with your friends and your loved ones.

Buddha Bar

Buddha bar is situated at Radiceva and is near to Club Cinema. This is a basement club and is the best place for Saturday night out. In this place, the party ends before evening, as the place gets dark, with the on set of evening, as it is in the basement. If you want to get the feel of nightlife in Bosnia and Herzegovina, without staying out at night, then you can visit this place.

Coloseum Club

Coloseum Club is the place for you if you want to enjoy your nightlife in Bosnia and Herzegovina, both at club and casino. As this has both a club and a casino, you are required to carry your identity proof, otherwise entry is restricted. This place also hosts a number of pop concerts, where you can enjoy pop music. Prices are reasonable, so you need not worry about your pocket pinch.

The Club

This club in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a popular destination for people of all age groups. The locals also prefer to drop in here, as live music is played, which is pretty interesting. One unique feature of this club is the live music is transmitted on the local radio networks. So even if you cannot drop in at the Club, you can listen to the music, which is being aired on the radio.

Given below are names of other such popular places, where you can enjoy your nightlife in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  1. Hacienda
  2. Cafe Opera
  3. MWR Theatre