Shopping in Bosnia and Herzegovina

No trip is complete without shopping. You can drop in either at shopping malls or shopping streets. Shopping in Bosnia and Herzegovina is real fun. You can drop in at branded stores or you can opt for street shopping. A brief overview is given below regarding shopping in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Shopping in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sarajevo

Sarajevo is the main shopping area in Bosnia and Sarajevo. It is located in Bascarsija, in Turkish Quarter. This is basically a shopping street, where there are a number of shops lined up, with a variety of goods and wares. The items that are on sale are items made of brass, different kinds of metal works, carpets, jewelry, glass items etc. You will also find a variety of objects that are made up of shells and shrapnel. The craft items that are found here, has a kind of Turkish influence.

If you are planning to buy souvenirs from Sarajevo, then you can buy some items that are made locally. You can also buy some Bosnian handicrafts. Given below are names of few such items, which you can buy as souvenirs.

  1. Rugs
  2. Ceramic items and showpieces
  3. Things that are made of copper or brass
  4. Jewelry

Arizona Market

Shopping in Bosnia and Herzegovina is incomplete without dropping in at Arizona market. This place is a typical market place, which is lined up with a number of roadside stalls. You can get a variety of stuff, right from clothes to home utensils. Prices are cheap and you can bargain your goods, before buying them. Stuff that is on sale is imported. You are sure to get some good stuff, at an affordable price.


Shopping in Kiosks is fun, as you can bargain a lot. No essential commodities are sold here, like food or drinks, but you can get different products like CDs, handicrafts items, woodworks, artifacts etc. These are trivial things that are sold at kiosks, but they are good souvenirs, which you can gift to people.


Shopping in Bosnia and Herzegovina also includes visiting the bazaars that are located all over the country, especially in old towns. The word bazaar is a Turkish word and you will find a variety of goods that are on sale. Shops look like small houses, with thatched roofs, where items for sale are displayed. You can select the item of your choice from there. Generally local items and handicrafts are available in such bazaars.

Apart from buying traditional items while shopping at Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can also buy woolen goods, embroidery work, folk art, tapestries, leather goods etc. You can also buy art works that are engraved on artillery shells, which are good souvenirs.

Shopping in Bosnia and Herzegovina and mode of payment

All major credit cards are accepted in branded shops. ATM's are located in all major cities and also in smaller towns. So shopping is easy and convenient. But it is better, if you carry some cash to be on the safe side, at times of crisis. Travelers check is not accepted everywhere, so you have to use either cash or card, when you plan your shopping in Bosnia and Herzegovina.