Bulgaria Cuisines

A picturesque little country on the banks of the river Danube, bordered by countries like Romania, Greece and Turkey, the country of Bulgaria is not just noted for its figurative history, but also its rich cuisine, which reflects several influences. If you are excited about Travel to European countries, and pretty much interested in delving further into the diverse culture and gastronomical trove, Bulgaria cuisines should surely fascinate you. Located in the southeastern part of the continent, the typical Bulgaria cuisines upholds the rich aroma and delectable taste of authentic southeastern European menus. Owing to its rich historical background and most importantly several foreign invasions, the cuisine of Bulgaria has major influences of the Turks, Greeks and other middle eastern countries.

Known for its wide selection of soups, alcoholic beverages and amazing dairy products, the rich stock of Bulgaria cuisines is truly a gastronome's delight. One of the important components of any country's culture, the Bulgarian cuisine not only reflects the long and rich history of the country, but also blends the best parts of Slavonic, Greek and Turkish cuisines. Among the national specialties of Bulgaria, mention needs to be made of Shopska Salad and Taratar, which are among the all time favorites.

Prepared out sliced tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, peppers and parsley garnished with generous amount of grated sheep's cheese the Shopska Salad is one of the amazing concoctions that can freshen up your day. The Taratar which is one of the finest gems of Bulgarian cuisine is a wonderful cold soup made of chopped cucumber, walnuts and yogurt and just perfect for any hot summer day in Bulgaria. You will be surprised to know that it was the kitchens of Bulgaria which gave birth to yogurt, an all time favorite with every dairy lover.
Other quintessential Bulgaria cuisines would include kebapcheta which a hot favorite with the meat lovers.
Prepared with minced meat rolled into sausage shapes, this is a grilled dish that can set any food buff's heart on fire. The kavarma is yet another tasty dish prepared with either pork meat or veal, along with a nice combination of onions and mushrooms. You will see that all Bulgarian dishes irrespective of whether they are vegetarian or non vegetarian dishes, has a heavy use of cheese which is generally of 2 types in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria cuisines remains incomplete without the mention of Bulgarian wine and desserts. The all time favorite in sweet dishes is Bannitza which has been the most popular dessert in any Bulgarian household and prepared especially during the festive season of Christmas.