Hotels in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, also known as the Republic of Bulgaria is a south-eastern country, situated in the Balkans. The country is diverse, in terms of climate and geography. It also has wonderful landscape, including the magnificent Alps and the Balkan Mountains and Black Sea, making it a favorite tourist destination. When you plan your trip to the country, it is essential to know a few places, where you can put up.

Given below are few hotels in Bulgaria, where you can drop in depending on your budget.

Hotels in Sofia

  1. Red Star Hostel

Among different hotels in Bulgaria, this is a relatively cheap hotel, where you can put up if you are visiting the country, with your friends and your budget is low. This place is more of a guesthouse, than a hotel. There are few private rooms, along with rooms that are available on sharing basis. If you want to stay at dorms, you can also do that over here. If you want private rooms, then you can opt for "blue room', which has attached balconies, along with television sets. The rooms are airy and clean, with wooden floors. The place has a kind of old world charm, which gives you a reminiscent of the past. The food is good and homely, and staff is friendly.

  1. Sofia Guesthouse

This place also offers rooms on twin sharing basis, for two or four and there are a number of private rooms also. Here too dorms are available, but without food. The rooms are brightly colored, with wooden floorings, and are clean and airy. The bed and upholstery is clean, with a balcony attached to each room. You can enjoy the wonderful view of the town, sitting in the balcony. Food has to be ordered from outside, as the place does not have a dining facility. Staff is friendly and services are fast.

  1. Red Bed and Breakfast

Among different hotels in Bulgaria, this is a kind of heritage hotel. Red Bed and Breakfast is a new hotel that has opened very recently. It was actually a residential house of a famous Bulgarian sculpture, which is now converted into a hotel. The studio of the famous sculpture is converted into an area, where you can conduct live discussion, art shows or host debates. Due to this facility, it is a favorite place for intellectuals. The hotel is colored red, which gives it a church like look and dates back its origin to 1928. Rooms are big and airy, which are well decorated with different antique furniture. Complimentary breakfast is served, on the cozy rooftop restaurant. All rooms have intercom and internet facility and staff is friendly, with prompt services.

Hotels in Plovdiv

  1. Noviz

If you are visiting Bulgaria, for business purpose, then Noviz is the place for you. It is a small yet modern hotel that has large, well furnished rooms, both ac and non ac, with all modern amenities like, gym, restaurant, sauna, and rooftop bar. The interiors are done, matching with the wall colors and the upholstery. The staff is friendly and complimentary breakfast is provided by the hotel.

  1. Nord

If you are looking for some cozy hotels in Bulgaria, then you can drop in at Nord. This hotel is opposite to Hotel Maritsa and has bright, airy and clean rooms. It offers all modern amenities and hotel staff is friendly, offering prompt services.

  1. Raisky Kat Hostel

This hotel is located in Plovdiv, which is the historical old town of Bulgaria. It is located in a peaceful and quiet locality, which is safe and secured. It has a number of shops, restaurants, cafes, Roman amphitheatre and museums etc located nearby the hotel. There are private rooms, as well as sharing rooms and dorms, from which you can chose, depending on your budget. There is a small restaurant, which is near a small shady courtyard, where you can enjoy your morning breakfast and beverages.

Hotels in Bansko

  1. Winslow Atrium

Winslow Atrium is one of the hotels in Bulgaria, which is located centrally, and is close to Bansko center and the Gondola. This place is located in the foothills of the Pirin Mountains, where you can enjoy skiing and other outdoor adventure sports. This hotel is like complex, which has 71 apartments and are furnished. All the apartments have kitchen and there are large, spacious living and dining rooms, which are equipped with all modern amenities.

  1. Moravsko Village

As the name suggests, Moravsko Village Hotel is located in the lap of nature, near the Bansko ski resort. It is very peaceful, where you can enjoy the calmness and serenity of the place. This hotel is a family run business, with friendly and polite staff, along with good, home made local food and wine. The rooms are small, cozy and clean, with all modern facilities. The hotel also organizes local tours, including a visit to the nearest ski resorts. This place is well suited for short weekend trips with your family.

Hotels in Varna

  1. Splendid Hotel

This building is worth its name. It is indeed a splendid hotel, which is located in a neo classical building that dates back to 1910 and it was renovated on 2004, giving it a complete renovated look. This hotel has a typical old world charm, with its old architectural design and well furnished, huge rooms. Each room allows you a splendid view of the cathedral that is just opposite to the hotel. The rooms have all modern amenities and you can enjoy your breakfasts and meals in the in- house restaurant. Prices are bit high, but it is worth paying.

  1. Musala Palace Hotel

This is one of the other hotels in Bulgaria, which is the oldest and grandest in the country. This place was opened originally on 1912, with a number of rooms and polite house staff. All the rooms are done in typical Belle Epoque style and are decorated with swags, ferns and antique furniture. Apart from the various in-house facilities that are offered, it also has a gym, spa and a bar, where you can relax your evenings.

There are various other hotels in Bulgaria, where you can put up during your trip to the country. Given below are few such places in and around the country.

  1. Avalon Hotel
  2. Knights lodge
  3. Villa Prima
  4. Hotel Panaroma
  5. Shule Va House Hotel
  6. Divesta
  7. Hotel Serdika