Nightlife in Bulgaria

Nightlife is always fun. After a hectic week, nothing is more relaxing than a night out with your friends. Nightlife in Bulgaria is also happening and fun. You can drop in at bars, casinos, discs, jazz club etc, in order to have fun with your friends and near and dear ones, during your trip to Bulgaria. Given below are names of few such places in and around the country.

Sin City

Nightlife in Bulgaria is incomplete without shaking your leg to some foot taping music. Sin City is one of the biggest dance floors on the Balkan Region, and is a popular joint, both for young and old. There are number of halls, where different kinds of music are played. You can drop in at any such halls, depending on your mood. The biggest party that takes place in Sin City is the "Club Help". Every night, there is a guest singer, who performs and the name is announced before the program starts. You can enjoy dancing with different variety of mock tails and it is better to book in advance, in order to avoid rush.


As the name suggests, Bedroom is actually a lounge bar, where you can enjoy your evenings, along with music and dance. This place has a dance arena and a lounge, where you can enjoy different kinds of drinks that are available. The interiors are done with dark colors and lights are dim. The ceilings are also low and vaulted, which gives you a kind of cozy feeling. The seating arrangement is low and comfortable, and is typical for hangout zone with close group of friends. The bar is located centrally, in the lounge, which has a friendly bar tender and some amazing variety of drinks.

Yalta Club

Yalta Club is the first Bulgarian club, which opened its door in 1957. Nightlife in Bulgaria has its inception from that time onwards, which now has a number of clubs, bars, pubs, casinos etc. In 1989, it became one the country's hotspot and favorite destination for live performances. The club's interior is done in such a way, that you will never feel bored, and it is the ultimate place for relaxing. The club has a unique lighting arrangement of 16,000 different colors, that you will never feel that you are visiting the same place, time and again. The sound system of the club is different, which give a certain kind of Dolby effect.


If want to listen to piano and enjoy your nightlife in Bulgaria, then you can drop in here. All international musicians play here, including top Bulgarian musicians. The interiors are very well decorated, keeping in mind the kind of music that is played there. Apart from music, the club also offers a variety of drinks and cigars. You can enjoy music, along with good food and drink. There is also a multi media facility, which makes the place suitable for music promotions, presentations, fashion, shows, seminars etc. At times karaoke nights are also held, which makes the nights more interesting.


If you want enjoy your evening with drinks and piano, then you can visit Sinatra, which is named after Frank Sinatra. The atmosphere is relaxing, with a typical nocturnal ambience. There is a huge piano, which is placed just below the ceiling, adds more charm to the whole ambience.


If you want a cool and happening nightlife in Bulgaria, then this is the place for you. This is a small café-bar, where you can enjoy your evenings. This place is mostly crowded with young people, as prices are low and pocket pinch is less.

Dance Club Mania

Dance Club Mania is situated right in the center, on the Black Sea. It is one of the most happening resorts on Sunny Beach, where you can enjoy your nightlife in Bulgaria. This is a two storied building and is fully air-conditioned. No hard drinks is available, this place is most suited if you love dancing and want to dance, all the night.