Restaurants in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a Southeast European country. It is a country which is able to withhold its tradition and culture. There are lots of beaches and mountains, which offers a breath taking view to its visitors. A trip to the country is incomplete, without tasting some mouth watering delicacies that are offered in different restaurants in Bulgaria. Given below are few places where you can enjoy some local as well as international cuisines.

Traditional Restaurants in Bulgaria

  1. Dayana

If you want to enjoy authentic Bulgarian cuisines, then you can drop in at Dayana. Dayana is a chain of restaurants known as Dayana- Djoana, which dates back its origin to 1994. Not only local people, but tourists also prefer Dayana, which is not only known for its food, but also for hospitality of the staff. The interiors are well decorated and it has a typical folk atmosphere, which has painted motives on the wall of different ancient deities. You can taste different kinds of traditional as well as local cuisines, along with drinks of your choice.

  1. Old Plovdiv

This is one of the restaurants in Bulgaria, which is located in Kapana, which is one of the most beautiful places in Plovdiv. One of the most unique features of this place is the most traditional dishes are also served beautifully, which has a touch of sophistication in it. Visitors can select from a wide variety of salads and other dishes, along with drinks, that are recommended by the staff. You can choose from a wide variety of drinks, apart from "rakias" which is a traditional Bulgarian drink. The interiors are very well decorated, with friendly staff, where you can enjoy both lunch and dinner.

International Restaurants in Bulgaria

  1. Memory

If you want to enjoy some international cuisines, then you can visit Memory. It is one of the places, where you can enjoy different kinds of international cuisines, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Each and every day, the restaurant offers some new preparations to its visitors. The interiors are very well decorated, with friendly staff and prompt services.

  1. Sage Bristro

Sage Bristo offers some mouth watering delicious food that is made, using fresh products. You can enjoy different kinds of foods, along with friendly staff and a cozy atmosphere. The interiors are well decorated, which has a typical ethnic touch. Apart from various international cuisines, you can taste some traditional Italian food that is made with fresh products.

Italian Restaurants in Bulgaria

  1. Uno Ristorante

Among different restaurants in Bulgaria, Uno Ristorante is the place serving authentic Italian cuisines. You can also enjoy some traditional Italian cuisines over here and prices of food are reasonable. This place is located at a convenient position, and attract a number of visitors, both local and foreigners.

  1. Lincontro Allegro

If you want to enjoy some delicious and mouth watering pizzas, pasta, and various other meals, then you can drop in at Lincontro Allegro. It has a lovely garden, with seating arrangements, where you can enjoy various kinds of Italian dishes. The staff is friendly and professional services are offered.

Seafood restaurants in Bulgaria

  1. Captain Cook Fish Restaurant

If you love seafood and want to taste some delicacies, during your trip to Bulgaria, then this is the place for you. You can enjoy different kinds of fish preparations and you can also enjoy sushi, from the sushi bar, that is there. There is an aquarium from where you can choose the fish of your choice, that will be cooked and served by the restaurant' chef. The restaurant also has WiFi facility, from where you can access the net, with the help of your laptop.

  1. Mr. Baba

This is one of the sea food restaurants in Bulgaria, located in the beaches, where you can taste some authentic seafood. Prices are reasonable and it has a homely atmosphere, where you can enjoy your food, along with music, that is being played in the restaurant.

There are many other restaurants in Bulgaria, where you can drop in during your visit to the country. Given below are few such places.

  1. Hamachi
  2. The Sushi Bar
  3. Confetti
  4. Malibu