Shopping in Bulgaria

Bulgaria was subjected to Ottoman rule long time ago. It is now free from the clutches of Ottoman rule and it has emerged as one of the most dynamic countries and is a holidaymaker's dream destination. Trip to the country is incomplete, without shopping in Bulgaria. Given below are few such places, where you can drop in during your trip to the country.

The Mall

For shopping in Bulgaria, you can drop in at the Mall. Here you will get all the brands of different labels. Apart from shopping, the mall also offers entertainment and leisure to its buyers. There are more than 185 shops, which houses everything, right from clothes to household products. If you are hungry, then you can also have some quick bites from the cafes and food court that is there.

Sofia Outlet Center

If you want to enjoy shopping in Bulgaria, at a discounted rate, then this is the place for you. The main aim of this shopping center is to cater to people, with different products of all possible brands, at a discounted rate. New discounts are offered everyday, which is a great attraction to buyers.

Elemag Gourmet

Shopping is incomplete, without buying food and beverages. Elemag Gourmet is such a place, where you will get some of the best quality food and beverages. The varied stock of food and beverages reflects the diverse culture and lifestyle, of the people of the country. You can choose from a wide variety of wine, other beverages, meals, cigars, and a number of other things, including variety of spices.

Burgas Plaza

While shopping in Bulgaria, if you want to drop in at some big retail stores also, then Burgas Plaza is the place for you. This place is easily accessible by road and there are number of buses that line up next to the store. Apart from various other brands, it has a number of retail joints also like the Metro, Baumax, and Carrefour etc. Visitors can buy goods either in bulk or in small quantities, if they drop in here.

Toy Town

If you are planning to buy some stuff for your kids, then this is the place for you. This is an online toy shop, where you can check the items on net and place your order. Goods will be delivered at your door step, free of cost. You can pay either in cash or by card and goods are delivered within 24 hours, at your place.


If you want to drop in at any chain store and enjoy your shopping in Bulgaria, then you can drop in at Fantastico that was founded in 1991. This is basically a supermarket, which has shops located at different places. Goods are available in this store, depending on the local demands of the place and there are ATM's, POS terminals etc, so payment is not a problem here. There are a wide variety of goods, from which you can choose, depending on your requirements

Shopping in Bulgaria is cheap as compared to any other European countries. Apart from the various malls and departmental stores, there are a number of small shops and boutiques, from where you can buy stuffs, at cheap prices. Bargaining is also possible and there are a number of shopping streets in Bulgaria, where you can enjoy shopping.

While shopping in Bulgaria, you can also buy various other goods. Mentioned below are few such items which you can shop during your trip to the country.

  1. Electronics and IT Goods
  2. Books
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Interior Decoration Products