Trip to Sofia

Are you planning a holiday in Bulgaria? Then do not forget to include a trip to Sofia, the beautiful capital city of Bulgaria. Sofia, which stretches for about 1,311 square kilometer, is situated 550 meter from the sea level. This beautiful city is located 55 kilometer away from the border of Serbia and at a distance of 113 kilometer from Gyushevo, Macedonia. Sofia is just 183 kilometer away from the border of Greece and its distance from the Turkish border is only 315 kilometer. Hence, do not forget to include a trip to Sofia while you are traveling to European countries.

Sofia is a beautiful city that abounds in palaces and buildings. While you are on a trip to Sofia, do visit the memorial of St. Alexander Neveski, one of the famous sightseeings in Sofia. The cathedral which is a symbol of Bulgarian Orthodox Church has in its vicinity a monument dedicated to an anonymous soldier where you will find a flame burning all the time. Do not forget to visit church of St. Sofia which dates back from 4th to 6th century. The church was changed into a mosque in the first half on 19th century. But after liberation the mosque was again transformed to a church.

Make your trip to Sofia more interesting with a visit to St. Cyril and Methodius, the National Gallery which has some of the brilliant collection of arts and paintings from Asia, Europe and Africa. See that you do not miss out Ivan Vazov, the national theatre which was established in the year 1904. If you want to get a glimpse of the lifestyle of Bulgarian people, then you must visit Ethnographic Museum which has an elaborate collection of costumes, jewelry, work of arts and the household items that are required in the daily lives of the people.

Sofia is not just a city of palatial buildings, it has some beautiful parks, where you can enjoy the evenings during your trip to Sofia. The Vitosha park which lies in the lap of the mountain is an attractive tourist spot in Sofia. Visit Borrisova Gradina, one of the well known parks in the capital city of Bulgaria. The Ariana Lake situated at the entrance of the park, the track for cycling, tennis courts, the soccer stadium of Bulgarian army located inside the park will make your visit more exciting.

Travel to Bulgaria will no doubt become more special with a trip to Sofia.