Wildlife Holidays in Bulgaria

This vacation, how about adding some unique wildlife excitement? Interested? This page takes you for a virtual tour to wildlife holidays in Bulgaria. Bird watching in Bulgaria is a passion for many. The thing that attracts most of the tourists for spending wildlife holidays in Bulgaria amidst nature's wilderness is bird watching. More than ten millions of people from all around the world visit Bulgaria for watching the different types of colorful birds.

Bulgaria is that part of the world that boasts of presenting diverse and very scenic vistas. The country is blessed with its geographical position that provides a wide range of altitudes and habitats ensuring a quite exceptional range of exciting colorful birds alongside several interesting plant and butterfly species. Starting from the spectacular peaks of the Pirin and Rhopode Mountains to the extended wetlands along the Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria has a horde of wildlife for captivating many tourists for wildlife holidays in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian wildlife holidays mainly comprise watching millions of migratory birds who reach the Black Sea coastline during the spring and autumn months. For enjoying the grandeur of the lofty mountains, the summer months are the best time when the mountains wear a cloak of colorful flowers and other wildlife, including wallcreepers. During the crispy cold of February, tourists can head to the wetlands of the Black Sea for catching glimpses of red-breasted geese that flock there every winter.

During your Bulgaria wildlife vacation the tourists also get enchanted by watching the various species of flora, some of which can only be found in Bulgaria. European Roller and Black Vulture are two species that fly to Bulgaria during summer and autumn, respectively. While you are on wildlife holidays in Bulgaria, you can even take a tour of 8-10 days in search of the other migratory birds. The black-necked grebe is another bird species that are quite regular during every winter along the Bulgarian Black Sea coastline.

Apart from birds, Bulgaria also takes much pride for being home to several species of butterflies, including rare and endangered ones also. The rust-and-black spotted, the orange, the large brown are some of the butterflies that are found in Bulgaria flying from one flower to another to suck nectar. In the list of mammals, brown bear or Ursos arctos is the most loved one found in Bulgaria. Where accommodation during your wildlife holidays in Bulgaria is concerned, there are facilities of camping and log cabins where you can experience the real feel of staying amidst wilderness.