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Alternative Europe

Alternative Europe tours offer some of the best sightseeing options and various things to do. If you are searching for an alternative Europe tour where you can enjoy a very different lifestyle then you can visit Amsterdam, which will invite you by offering some of the best hotels to stay and among the most favorable restaurants where you can enjoy some of the well-known local and international cuisines. Relive the spirits of youth and adventurism while on an alternative Europe tour with your friends.

You also get to visit some of the happening subculture spots at Prenzlauer Berg and some where around the Eberswalder Strasse U-bahn station in Berlin. You can also feel the charm by getting close to the alternative society of Christiania in Copenhagen and enjoy a very relaxed life in Dublin. Alternative Europe brings for you some of the red light areas or the red light districts. In case you have a more adventurous mentality then don't hesitate to hit the road and find out the best spots to spend a happening nightlife in Europe. One of the places to check out are the red light areas located around the Oude Kerk, which is the oldest part of Amsterdam. Walletjes, De Wallen or Rosse Buurt, these places are having various names.

The major thing is that in the Netherlands drugs and prostitution are legal activities and one can enjoy it comfortably under the bounds of law. Of all the areas of prostitution, the De Wallen is the biggest red light district in Amsterdam. Some of the other major parts of the red light district are that there are facilities to buy and comfortably enjoy soft drugs, like marihuana or hash. There are certain restrictions imposed by the law of the land that one can bus a maximum of 30 grams of pot in single day and the one who is purchasing the drug should be of at least 18 years old.

Alternative Europe offers some of the best tourist attractions and various sightseeing options in the greater Copenhagen area. This is one of the most visited European vacation spots while one tours Europe. The other side of downtown Copenhagen is the most popular squares like Kongens Nytorv. Each and every year, the students graduating from high school come over and dance round the equestrian statue of the King Christian V from the year, 1688 in one of the oldest educational traditions of Denmark to celebrate their graduation. While on for alternative Europe tour there are various places which one must visit to enjoy in full the charm and magic of Europe. Alternative Europe tours offer some of the best sightseeing options keeps you updated about the same.