Croatia cuisines

About the Croatia cuisines

Croatia cuisines are world famous and heterogeneous in nature. Tourists from all the corners of the world who come to visit this country as well as the people from this country enjoy the 'Croatia cuisines' throughly. Known as the 'cuisine of regions', Croatia cuisines have a wide variety. This may be attributed to the fact that every region of this country has its own distinct culinary traditions. As a result, you would find a wide variety of cuisines in Croatia. The Croatia cuisines are very easy to prepare, yet very delicious in their taste. The country has a rich tradition in the various cuisines. You would hardly get any country where you would get this much of variety in the food. If you are in Croatia, and if you are a food lover, you are definitely going to enjoy the Croatia cuisines, there is no doubt about that.

Roots of the Croatia cuisines

The roots of the Croatian cuisines go back to the very early period when there was a notable difference of the foodstuffs and the method of cooking on the mainland and coastal regions.
The mainland foods were more like Hungarian, Viennese and Turkish, while the coastal cuisines had the influence of the Greek, Roman and Illyrian.

Different Region, Different Cuisines

Croatia cuisines can be divided into a few number of regions. Each of the regions has different sorts of cuisines which are different in taste and have different methods of preparation as well. The characteristics and the traditions of Croatian cuisines in a particular region many not necessarily be very well known to the other regions of Croatia. However, most of the dishes could be found throughout the country.

Slovania has spicy preparations with a lot of Hungarian influences. One would find a number of meat and game dishes here. Whereas the Hrvatsko Zagorje and Medimurje have a strong Austrian influence. These are famous for sweets and dumplings. Middle Croatia or the Croatian heartland is popular for home-made cheese, heavy roast dishes. This cuisine has strong Ottoman influences. Istria has got light food with a lot of herbs. The cuisine has got Italian influences. Italian influences can also be found in Dalmatia cuisine which are light and simple Mediterranean cuisine. If you want fresh fish, you have to check this cuisine out.

Wherever you are and whatever may be the region, while you are in Croatia, you would enjoy your food, that is for sure. You may be a food lover, or even if you may not have too much fascination for good food, the Croatian cuisines would definitely win your heart.