Flights to Croatia

Croatia has diverse terrain which consists of plains, lakes, rocky coastlines and mountains etc. It is a favorite tourist destination and there are different places which you can visit during your stay at the country. You can avail different flights to Croatia, in order to reach the place. A brief overview regarding different airlines and flights to the country is given below.

Airports in Croatia

There are number of flights to Croatia, which operates from various airports in the country. Given below is a list of different airports in and around the country.

  1. Dubrovnik Airport
  2. Pula Airport
  3. Zagreb Airport
  4. Split Airport
  5. Bol Airport
  6. Rijeka Airport

In most of the airports in Croatia, online schedule of flights are available. There are different airlines that operate a number of flights to Croatia. You can choose any airlines, depending on your budget and on your travel plan. Few such airlines that operate flights in the country are given below.

  1. Airlines of Croatia
  2. Trade Air
  3. Dubrovnik Airline
  4. British Airways

Apart from scheduled flights to Croatia, there are number of cheap flights operating in the country. Cheap flights are now available from different European countries, which fly to different airports of Croatia. The list of cities given below is few of the cities from where you can avail cheap flights.

  1. Pula
  2. Dubrovnik
  3. Split
  4. Osijek
  5. Rijeka

Flights to Bulgaria and facilities available at the airports

The various airports in Croatia offer a number of facilities to travelers and to those who wait in the airports, in order to catch connecting flights to different destinations. Some facilities which are common to all airports are given below.

  1. Waiting lounge
  2. Duty free shops
  3. Free parking Area
  4. ATM
  5. Car Rentals
  6. Money Exchange

Cheap Flights to Croatia

There are different airlines, operating cheap flights to Croatia. Apart from the scheduled flights, there are some cheap flights, which offer low and discounted air fares to fliers. Due to these cheap airlines, number of people can avail flights easily, which was not possible previously. Also offers are given by cheap airlines, to its fliers who book their ticket in advance. It has to be kept in mind, that at times, cancellation of tickets at cheap airlines is not possible. Even though in some rare cases, cancellation is allowed, but there is no refund available.

Flights to Croatia and booking tickets

Booking tickets for your favorite airline is easy and hassle free. You can book your ticket on your favorite airline, either through net or with help of travel agents. If you wish, you can drop in at the nearest airlines city office and book your tickets. If you book tickets with the help of travel agents, they at times deliver your ticket, at your doorstep. Mode of payment is also easy, as you can either pay with the help of card, or you can pay them in cash, on time of delivery.

When to travel to Croatia?

Croatia enjoys different kind of climate in different region. The climate varies from continental to Mediterranean on one hand and temperate and sub tropical on the other. So when you book tickets for flights to Croatia, do plan your travel depending on the place, where you want to visit.