Nightlife in Croatia

Nightlife in Croatia has a lot to offer to its tourists. There are a number of bars, pubs, casinos, disc etc where you can drop in during your visit to the country. Given below are few such places where you can chill and relax in and around Croatia.

BP Club

BP Club is located right in the center of the Zagreb's main square. If you want to enjoy your nightlife in Croatia, by listening to some authentic jazz music, then this is the place for you. Live shows are held by famous jazz musicians, where you can spend some quiet evenings with your friends, enjoying cold beer. The interiors are bit old, and seems worn out, which is apt and the atmosphere is a bit smoky, which adds charm to the place. The waiters are friendly and services are fast, where you can enjoy your drink and music.

Cafe bar Smokvica

The true spirit of Croatia and its people can be felt in Café bar Smokvica. This place is unique and is very typical. The interiors are made up of bright colors, with small square table and seating stools of low height. There is a small stage in the center, beside the bar. Local musicians play different kinds of traditional and country music, along with some foot taping music, at times. You can hang around with your friends and enjoy drinking and dancing. The party crowd is friendly and waiters are attentive, with friendly staff, making it one of the most happening nightspots in Croatia.

Trubadur Hard Jazz Club

Nightlife in Croatia is incomplete without dropping in at Trubadur Hard Jazz Club. This is a place to relax and listen to some good music, along with drinks. A number of jazz musicians play every evening, which is an added advantage. At times make shift stages are made, where a number of musicians play together. The crowd is mainly young and that of college goers. The prices of drinks are low, and are a favorite hangout spot for young people.

Coffee Shops

If you want to enjoy nightlife in Croatia, in a bit different manner, then you can drop in at the coffee shops. These are coffee shops during the day and are converted into a bar at night. The atmosphere is relaxed and it is fun to be here. You can pick up different types of coffee preparations and can also enjoy different kind of drinks at night. Prices of both coffee and drinks are reasonable and pocket pinch is not very high.

Carpe Diem

If you love dancing, then you can visit Carpe Diem, which is located in Hvar. This place is a café during the day and is converted into a disc and bar at night. It has a typical old world charm, with dim light and walls painted in dark colors. Loud music is played by the in-house DJ and at times, house music is also played. At times, during late evenings, piano is played, which you can enjoy along with cups of chilled coffees.

Pub Karaka

Pub Karakab is one of the Irish nightclubs where you can visit if you want to enjoy nightlife in Croatia, in Irish style. There is variety of drinks that is offered here, along with some typical Irish music. At times, it serves German and Croatian beer, at affordable prices.