Restaurants in Croatia

Travel to Croatia is incomplete without tasting some mouth watering delicacies. There are number of restaurants in Croatia, which offers a variety of cuisines, right from local to international and different other cuisines. Given below are few such restaurants in and around the country.

Restaurants in Split

  1. Apetit

If you want to taste some Croatian as well as European cuisines, then you can drop in at Apetit. It is one of the restaurants in Croatia, where you can enjoy a variety of Croatian and European cuisines. The place is good, with friendly staff and fast services. The interiors are very well decorated, with bright colors and antique furniture. There is a wide variety of cuisines, both vegetarian and non vegetarian, from where you can choose. You can also taste different kinds of liquor, which is available at cheap rates.

  1. Maslina

If you love pizza, then you should not miss the opportunity of dropping in at Maslina. It offers different varieties of pizzas and other Italian cuisines, apart from Mediterranean cuisines. Prices are low, so it is a favorite joint for students. At times complimentary drinks are also provided, along with your favorite pizza.

Restaurants in Pula

  1. Kazun

Kazun is one of the restaurants in Croatia, where you can enjoy different kind of local cuisines, which is typical to Croatia. The food is fresh and is prepared by all local ingredients and vegetables. The taste of the food is typically home made, which are served in traditional utensils, which adds charm to the place.

  1. Pompei

Pompei is another place, where you can enjoy not only pizza but also pastas and different other Italian dishes. It is a small, cozy place, with friendly staff and homely crowd. This place is preferred by tourists, who want to taste something different apart from local and Croatian cuisines.

Restaurants in Dubrovnik

  1. Nishta

For pure vegetarian food, you can visit Nishta. This place is famous for serving different kinds of vegetarian food. Not only local vegetarian cuisines, but vegetarian cuisines of different other places is also served. If you want to enjoy mushroom preparations, then also you can drop in here, as it serves different kinds of mushroom dishes.

  1. Bistro Gatto

Among different restaurants in Croatia, Bistro Gatto, as the name suggest is one of the cafes, where you can enjoy sandwiches and cold coffees, of different types. This place is perfect for family outing, with kids and also for college students. You can enjoy sumptuous breakfast and if you eat less, then you can drop in here to have light dinner.

Restaurants in Hvar

  1. Alaviz

This is one of the many restaurants in Croatia, which serves authentic Croatian cuisines. It is located in the center of the town and is frequently visited by locals. Visitors, who want to enjoy authentic Croatian cuisines, drop in here. Not only vegetarian, but different non vegetarian dishes like beef stew, sea fishes etc are simply great. Price is reasonable and services are good, which makes it a favorite hotspot both to tourists and local people.

  1. "FOR" Bistro

"FOR" Bistro is the destination for all grilled food lovers. If you feel bored, after having a lot of fish and seafood preparations, you can visit this place. There is different variety of grilled food items that is available here. Prices are cheap and staff is friendly. The place is well decorated and has small tables and chairs, giving it a more cozy feeling.

Apart from the places mentioned above, you can also drop in at the following restaurants in Croatia that are mentioned below.

  1. Vinodol
  2. Mex Cantina
  3. Restaurant Groda
  4. Bounty
  5. Josic
  6. Iyra
  7. Ruza
  8. Kod Ruze